V Swaminathan

CEO, Andromeda Loans

V Swaminathan AndromedaAndromeda stands as an epitome for dedication, expertise and the drive to provide our customers the service for which they chose us over the rest. A company that has been enabling many in fulfilling their dreams, Andromeda is an organization where the difficult is made easy. Providing the best loans by tailoring them to our customer’s needs, Andromeda has risen to being the most preferred loan consultancy in the country.

Started as a Direct Sales Associate for Citibank in 1991, under the leadership of Mr. V. Swaminathan, who built a team of 25 seasoned managers with more than 20 years of total experience, Andromeda has seen rapid growth in the 20 years of its operations. This was possible, not only by the values and qualities exhibited by Andromeda as an organization, but also by the power and influence of a strong sponsor.

Today, Andromeda operates out of 68 major cities in the country and in its two decades of operations has disbursed loans worth over Rs.15,333 crore to more than 10,00,000 happy customers. It is the biggest financial distributor in India having partnered with some of the biggest financial institutions in the country.

About Andromedaloans

Andromedaloans.com is the web portal for Andromeda Sales and Distribution Pvt. Ltd. It is India’s largest distributor of loans, mortgage, financing and financial instruments such as credit cards, home loans, unsecured business loans, and car loans. Since 1991, Andromeda has disbursed several financial products to individuals such as home loans, personal loans, loan against property. For businesses, Andromeda provides products such as unsecured dropline overdraft, unsecured business loan, secured business loan (working capital). Andromeda is a DSA or a loan distributor that has partnered with 70 banks and financial institutions to meet your financing needs. Started in Mumbai, it is now present in 68 cities including Delhi, NOIDA, Gurgaon, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Pune, Calcutta (Kolkata) and more. This site is built to help you get a loan in the fastest time possible. It also provides useful resources such as EMI calculators, eligibility criteria and tips for all.