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Personal Loan Features and Benefits

Starting at 11% p.a.

Fixed Rate
Of Interest

Pay interest on Personal Loans only on the principal amount outstanding.


Get a Personal Loan without collateral or security, and with minimum to no paperwork.


Have your Personal Loan disbursed into your account in a few hours to a few days.

End Use

Avail a Personal Loan for multiple purposes such as emergencies, travel, renovation, debt consolidation, etc.

Balance transfer

Transfer your Personal Loan from one lender to another, at a lower interest rate or a longer tenure.


Calculate Your Personal Loan EMI

Calculate your Personal Loan EMI for different interest rates, loan amounts and tenures, using Andromeda’s Personal Loan EMI Calculator.


Loan EMI


Loan EMI


Principal Amount


Interest Amount


Total Payable Amount


Personal Loan Rates

Compare Personal Loan features of banks across key categories.

Bank name

Interest rate

Processing fees


Up to Rs 4999/-


Up to 3%


up to 3%


Upto 2.50%


Upto 3.5%


Up to 6.5%


Up To 2.25%


2% - 3%




3% + GST


0% to 6%


2.75% + GST


Upto to 4%


Upto 3%


18 -  65 years.

Credit Score:

Preferably 750 and above.


Indian Residents / Non Resident Indians (NRIs) / Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs)

Minimum Net Income (Monthly):

₹15,000 for non-metro cities. ₹20,000 for metro cities.

Loan Amount:

Up to ₹50 Lakhs depending on your credit profile.

Work Experience:

Salaried Professionals must have been employed at their current workplace for at least 6 to 12 months. Self-employed Individuals should have had a business tenure of at least 3 years (continuous).

Existing Loans:

In case you have any existing Personal Loans, then your eligibility will come down as your income in hand would be lower compared to a scenario where you are not already paying another EMI.

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1. Personal details

Fill up your personal details such as occupation, city, phone number, etc. Then, click Proceed.

2. Professional details

For personalised deals on Personal Loans best suited to your needs, enter your company name, work experience, etc.

3. Select a lender

A compilation of Personal Loan offers from our wide network of partner Banks and NBFCs will be displayed, based on your eligibility and chance for quick approval. Select a lender that best meets your requirements.

4. Additional details

Fill out any additional details that may be required.

5. E-Approval

Your selected lender will send you a quick e-approval personally. Following which, the a representative from the respective lender will get in touch with you to guide you through the documentation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Personal Loan is a short to medium term loan that needs minimum to no paperwork and can be availed at short notice. The primary benefit of a Personal Loan is its flexibility of end-use. Often taken to meet an emergency medical expenditure or fund a vacation, wedding, home renovations, etc.

Couples belonging to the DINK (Double Income No Kids) category can easily apply for a joint Personal Loan. Your combined income will improve your purchasing power significantly, thereby making you eligible for a higher loan amount.

Your maximum eligible loan amount is affected by the following factors.

  • The higher your income, the higher the loan amount you are eligible for.
  • In the event that you are already paying an EMI towards a previous loan, your loan amount for a new Personal Loan may go down. This is because your income in hand would be lower compared to a scenario where you are not already paying another EMI.
  • The higher the number of dependents on you, the lower the eligibility amount.
Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list of factors that impact Personal Loan disbursal limits. The final decision of your eligible loan amount is ultimately left to the discretion of your lender.

There are countless number of Personal Loan offers available today. While the thought of navigating through this endless plethora of offers may seem daunting, the following pointers should ease your worries and help you choose a Personal Loan best suited to your needs.

  • Check and compare Interest Rates:It’s never a good idea to select the first offer that you come across. Always compare the different interest rates offered by different lenders before making your final decision.
  • Check and compare loan fees and charges: Loan fees and charges can affect your overall budget and payout despite low interest rates. So, always check for associated loan fees and charges. 
  • Check and compare repayment flexibility: Most Banks/NBFCs have their own policies for prepayment/part-payment options. It’s advisable to go through their policies thoroughly to make a more educated repayment schedule.
  • Know your EMI payout in advance: Even before you apply for a Personal Loan, check your finances to ensure you have the capacity to repay the loan on time to avoid any unwanted penalties.

Not paying a single EMI might not have a significant impact on your Credit Score. That said, failing to pay multiple EMIs will reduce your credit score and also increase your outstanding debt amount. There’s also the likelihood that your lender may also take a legal action against you and/or approach your guarantor (if any).

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With interest rates as low as 11% p.a., and a repayment tenure of up to 12 months.