Things to Consider Before Applying For Bank Loan Agent or DSA Registration

A Direct Selling Agent is a person who works for a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) or a bank. They bring potential borrowers to lenders. DSA takes care of the entire loan procedure and all the administrative facilities of the applicant. They are not hired as employees and work for a lending institute. They take their commission from each loan application they successfully bring to a bank. In rural areas, people know them by the term business associate. There are certain things that you must know about before applying for a bank loan agent. Today we are going to talk about the same. 

What are the requirements for receiving a DSA registration in India?

NBFC DSA registration is a process by which candidates register to work as an agent. To receive a DSA registration in India, you must meet specific requirements, which are below:

  1. Must be an Indian citizen

  2. Must be 18 years or above in age

  3. The person must familiarize themselves with the financial products and services of the bank or NBFC

  4. Interested in working in the public sector

  5. The applicant must have efficient communication skills

Do registering as a direct selling agent for an NBFC have any advantages?

Yes, you get several advantages if you register as a DSA for an NBFC. The following are some of them:

  • Being a DSA is a good source of passive income. The generated income will depend on the number of leads you create for a bank or NBFC

  • It is the start of a new business without any investments and risks. If you can do this work nicely, you can also start a firm, hire employees, and work full-pledge to generate leads for various banks

  • The working hours are flexible. There is no fixed deadline that you have to meet every day. You can work at your own pace

  • There is no specific degree or education you need to become a DSA. A person from any educational background can become a DSA and use this as a source of passive income

  • No need to worry if you do not know the work. After registration, you will receive training sessions from the respective bank or NBFC. You can learn the skills and then apply those skills to generate leads

The benefits are not limited to the DSA agent alone. The customers who approach them also get several advantages. The primary benefit is you do not have to worry about the documents or the application process. The DSA agent will complete all the paperwork from the beginning to the end. During any procedure stage, the customer can resolve all questions and queries from their direct selling representative. The agent will provide you with multiple products, and you can choose one according to your budget. Customers also get exceptional after-sales services. Financial institutes also benefit from DSA agents. They connect borrowers to lenders and guarantee local leads access to a specific bank branch. They raise awareness about financial products among the general public. They are trained to engage effectively with borrowers and complete the entire initial verification and client demands. 

What are the responsibilities of a direct selling agent?

A DSA has to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Approaching the clients to collect loan applications as well as all other documents

  • Conducting a background check on the client. They also carry out a preliminary check on the application and the paperwork

  • Confirming the papers are valid and not fake

  • Upload the scanned copies of all the papers, fill out the application form, and submit it

  • Provide their DSA code so the bank, and the customer, can track the application form

What is the registration process of a DSA agent?

The DSA registration is super easy. Read the following steps to register you as a DSA:

  1. After you have decided on the bank or NBFC you want to work with, visit their official website

  2. Fill your details in the application form and submit it

  3. You have to make payment of the form in the next step

  4. After the successful submission of your application form, the bank or NBFC will contact you for the verification of documents

  5. The legal team of the bank or NBFC will start the verification process. They will also check your credit score and your past payment history 

  6. After all the information verification, they will send you the DSA agreement when satisfied with your application form

  7. You have to sign and submit the agreement

  8. You will get registered as a DSA of the bank

  9. You will receive a referral code after which you can start the process

Final Takeaway

A DSA agent represents a lending institute in front of the borrowers. They promote the financial products of a bank and generate leads for them. So consider the above factors before applying to begin your work as a DSA. If you wish to work with India’s largest loan distributor, visit Andromeda and provide your details.

Difference between Getting a Loan Traditionally Vs. Personal Loan Agent

More consumers are now relying on personal loans for big purchases. They prefer paying this back in the form of Equated Monthly Installments known or EMIs. You can use the funds borrowed via a personal loan to meet any shortfall you experience, like education, purchasing a car, and medical emergencies. 

The traditional way to apply for a personal loan is to visit the lender’s office. Otherwise, you can contact a personal loan agent to help you out in the process. This article will be worth reading if you are looking for a lending option. The comparison between getting a loan traditionally and from a loan agent will help you decide the best. 

Understanding a personal loan

Personal loans are funds borrowed from a financial institute or a bank to meet personal needs. Lenders look at factors, like credit, income level, repayment capacity, and employment history to analyze someone as a borrower. 

A personal loan is unsecured. So unlike a car loan, it is not secured against any collateral like gold or property. You will not lose any asset in case of a default. Since the lender is at greater risk here, they will charge higher interest rates. Defaulting on a personal loan will be reflected in the borrowers’ credit report. It will make applying for a loan difficult in the future. 

The lending institute does not interfere in how you use the borrowed funds. You can use the funds for anything, like education, renovating your house, marriage expenses, buying home appliances, or meeting an unexpected medical emergency. You can also use the funds to invest in the business, pay the down payment for a new property, fix your car, and many more. You can use it for anything.

The eligibility criteria vary from lender to lender. However, the general requirements like age, income, occupation, repayment capacity, and more remain the same. Whether you are self-employed or a salaried individual, you must have a regular income source to avail a personal loan from any bank. Your credit history and the organization you work in also impact your eligibility as a borrower. The time duration of repayment can be anywhere between 1 to 5 years. 

Perks of taking a loan traditionally

Let us now check out the advantages of getting a loan traditionally below:

  1. Less paperwork

If you apply for a personal loan traditionally in the online mode, the process is 100% paperless. You have to upload the scanned copy of your documents on the applicant’s online portal and receive the funds in your bank account post-approval. The approval process is quick with limited documentation. 

  1. Time-saving

There is no need to visit a bank or lending institute physically. You can apply online from the comfort of your home. Go to their official website and apply after checking the eligibility. You will get the funds if you meet the eligibility criteria.

  1. Comparison of different lenders

You can visit the websites of several lenders and compare their interest rates before applying for anyone. Compare them for repayment time, eligibility criteria, additional charges, and EMI plans. You can get the best lender after proper research. 

  1. Receive funds immediately

You will receive funds instantly if you meet the lender eligibility criteria. If all your paperwork is complete, you can expect a quick distribution of funds. Submit your form online and get approved quickly. 

Perks of getting a loan from a personal loan agent

Loan agents generate leads that find borrowers for a lending institute. They help the applicant throughout the process conduct a background check to verify all the documents. Seeking help from a loan agent has the following advantages:

  1. Loan services at the doorstep

You get doorstep services through a loan agent. They come to meet you in person at your home or office to collect documents, clarify doubts, take signatures, and more.  

  1. Customer support

A loan agent guides the customer at every step of the loan application, approval, and fund disbursal. You get satisfactory services due to the customer-centric approach. They are trained to solve all the queries of the customers. 

  1. Help for loan approval

You will receive end-to-end assistance from a loan agent. They will also guide you to take remedial steps if you have a low credit score. Loan agents work with multiple financial institutes. So they will help you choose the best option, as per your situation and requirements. They will maximize the loan approval chances by lending with the hassle-free eligibility criteria. 


Now that you have read the benefits of applying for a loan traditionally and through a personal loan agent, choose the one best suitable for you. Different people will select different approaches in varied situations. To get more details regarding a personal loan agent kindly visit Andromeda and submit your details.

How to become a certified Loan Agency Partner ?

A loan agent is someone who assists a person in securing a loan from various banks and lenders. It is quite evident that the loan agents have an immense influence on the proper and fundamental functioning of the banks. And Andromeda is one of the greatest and the most widespread distributors of finances, loans, mortgages and other financial assistance or instruments. So, it is very beneficial to become a DSA Agent at any reputed loan agency. But, how can you become the loan agent at Andromeda? Well, we have discussed the following to answer this question and let you know about becoming a loan agent at Andromeda.

What is the eligibility criterion for becoming a DSA?

Let us begin the discussion with the eligibility criteria you need to complete the Loan Dsa Partner Registration. The following are the different requirements for eligibility for this position at a reputed organization:

● No specific education qualification is necessary for becoming a loan agent

● Anyone from any professional background who can manage the work in their spare time is eligible for this post

● Anyone dedicated enough to be a part of the system and carry out all the workload most proficient and effectively in time is eligible for the post.

What is the process to become a loan agent?

The Loan Dsa Partner Registration process at any given organization is simple and easy to follow. So, let us now know about the different aspects of the process of becoming a loan agent.

The following are the points that you must know about:

● You will have to fill out a form that is readily available on the official website of the company. If you do not get the form online at the official website, you can visit the branch office. Fill out the form. Submit it to the bank or a financial firm.

● The respective department will contact you and ask you to submit specific documents, which you will have to follow

● After verifying your documents are complete, a legal team will look through your credit history

● After the above process is complete, the respective bank will call you for an interview

● After that, you may sign officially with the bank/ NBFC to make everything official

● You will receive a certificate or DSA code as a loan agent

● You can begin submission of the application following the format suggested by the bank that you will be dealing with

What is your responsibility as a loan agent?

When registering at a company as an agent, it is essential that you are well aware of the different responsibilities you are to carry out. Knowing about your role as an agent makes you more focused and streamlined in your work. So, let us now look into the different roles and responsibilities of a loan agent.

The fundamental and prime role of the agents is to bring more and more leads to the bank. Their work is to sell home loans, mutual funds, personal loans, business loans, or other loans and ensure that the bank approves the customers’ loans. Another essential responsibility of the agents is to check and ensure the documents that the people require for securing loans and other financial instruments from the bank. They also have to assist the people trying to secure a loan from the bank until their process of getting the loan approved completes.

When you become a loan agent at a reputed DSA organization, you enjoy several benefits. Every DSA Agent enjoys flexible work hours, great commission, and freedom of developing contacts, zero investments and many more benefits. So, now that you’re well aware of the process, eligibility and role of a loan agent, apply for the post as soon as possible.

Enjoy working freely at one of the country’s best and the most significant financial distributors. Earn great commissions and work flexible hours by following the simplest steps for registration as a loan agent at Andromeda.

How to become a loan agent in India?

The job of a loan agent in India is to assist the customers in acquiring a loan whenever they need one. They help you communicate with the lender, tackle the initial processes, and check the essential components of a money loan. A loan agent in India also gathers and verifies the required documents to ensure their legitimacy.

DSA, also known as Direct Selling Agents, is the other name given to these loan agents. The principal purpose of these people is to link the customers with the loan lenders whenever required and help them through the entire process. They also perform mandatory checks for the customers before they apply for the loan and that the customers follow all the rules.

Eligibility norm:

Several criteria must be followed before becoming a DSA partner in India. They are listed below:

  • People do not require any degree in finance or banking to work as a DSA partner in India

  • Anyone, either salaried or non-salaried, can apply for the job of a loan agent

  • You must possess a basic knowledge about the subject

  • The person must be above 18 years of age

  • You must have a citizenship of India

  • You must have a high CIBIL score and a positive credit history

What is the role of a DSA loan agent in India?

Several Fin-tech firms and banks hire direct selling agents for loans who work at their speed for multiple hours. Bank loan agents are people with complete control over their working time. However, their primary job is to make successful contacts and deliver loan leads to the financial firms. A loan agent in India generally sells mutual funds, home loans, personal loans, business loans, and other required loans as a component of their overall profile.

The primary and one of the most significant tasks of all the DSAs is to collect the required documents from the customers and check if they are correct or not. While applying for the loan, they must follow accurate procedures. The loan agents are also in charge of assisting the local banks and finance firms until the loan process is completed. It speeds up the whole system and saves a lot of time on behalf of the bank.


Without any prior experience in this sector, you can become a successful lending agent. You can work on your own time and working hours based on your choice. All you have to do is help the customers apply for a loan, from filing the initial documents to completing other required documentation. If you are not confident about working for yourself, you can also work for any financial services firm, loan mortgage company or in the banking sector. Your job is to assist the clients in locating funds as a DSA loan agent.

Moreover, you will not require any type of license if you choose to work as a DSA. Although, some companies in India require the loan agent to be a finance professional by education. These are the not mandatory becoming a direct selling agent but are considered more effective over others. Your job role will be way different from that of a salesperson.

Advantages of becoming a loan agent in India

There are multiple advantages to becoming a DSA agent in India:

  • A person doesn’t need to work previously as a DSA loan representative or hold any college diploma degree. They might have an educational background

  • The profession is less demanding. Therefore, you can work as a loan agent whenever you want

  • Students enrolled in colleges can also work as DSA loan agents

  • Each loan sanctioned against your referral code will help you earn a commission. The amount of commission will also increase with the increase in the loan amount.

Final words

To summarize, both banks, financial sectors and even the customers benefit from a DSA partner in India. You must have the essential knowledge about finance and your skill of persuading people with quality efficiency and interpersonal skills. There is not much requirement for any specialized degree to become a loan agent in India, and every person from any field can apply for the job. The agents can also work on their suitable time hours. However, the loan agents greatly benefit the customers in filling up the documents and applying for the required loan.