How do I become a DSA Partner?

You must be registered with a recognised DSA to become a Partner. Make sure that you’ve followed the correct steps to become a channel partner, and let us assist you. Getting in touch with a DSA is easy when you have all the details at your fingertips.

What does it mean to be a DSA Partner?

A direct selling agent, or DSA, is a home loan representative company employed by a bank or non-banking financial institution. Partners of a bank or NBFC are called DSA channel partners, and they’re in charge of acquiring new customers for the institution.

Since the DSA loan professionals will handle everything, applying for a loan is a cinch. Instead of representing the employee for whom they are engaged, these partners represent the bank or NBFC. Each time a loan application is approved, partners are paid a commission. As a DSA channel partner, one must first get themselves registered with a DSA company or can also start on their own.

How do you go ahead with it?

For those who are willing to get themselves registered with a DSA, there is a specific procedure which must be kept in mind. For a successful registration kindly follow these steps to complete the registration process online:

  • Step 1

You may begin by going to a bank’s or NBFC’s website and clicking on the “Partner Program” on their website.

  • Step 2

Fill in the required details and complete the registration form.

  • Step 3

Afterwards, the institution’s support staff will get in touch with you and arrange a meeting to proceed further with your application.

  • Step 4

During the meeting, an institution manager will walk you through the whole process, including how to generate leads.

  • Step 5

You and the bank or NBFC will sign a contract once you are satisfied with the processes and procedures. You will become a DSA Partner of that institution after signing and stamping the document provided.

To speed up the application process, you may apply to become a DSA channel partner with various financing institutions. After receiving the channel partner contract from the bank or NBFC, you become a DSA Partner.

What kind of documents is needed to join?

Generally, the DSA channel partner paperwork procedure is one that is deliberately kept to a bare minimum and is also simple to present. In order to complete the Know Your Customer process, you are required to provide the following documents:

  • Your Aadhar Card

  • Your PAN Card

  • Your Driving License

  • Information regarding your Bank Account

The institution will welcome you as a Partner as soon as the required paperwork has been provided in advance and has been correctly validated. The process itself is very straightforward to ensure that complications are avoided during the registration and verification of a DSA partner.

Who may join the DSA, and what are the requirements?

As a DSA partner, admission requirements may vary depending on the institution. Participation is open to anybody who has a high school diploma or similar educational qualification.

Regardless of one’s employment status, one can apply to become a registered channel partner. You are required to be knowledgeable about the scope of work and the processes involved in getting a loan sanctioned. One of the other important aspects is an excellent credit history as well as an excellent CIBIL score. The required minimum age of the applicant is 18 and is required to be a citizen of India.

Benefits of working as a DSA partner:

Partners working for an institution do not need to meet educational requirements. Anyone can become a DSA partner and advise others in financial matters, regardless of their degree or prior experience. As there are no fixed obligations, you can choose the job flexibility and can stop being a partner whenever you wish. Working as a DSA loan representative can also be an alternative if you’re still studying. You will get a fee for each borrower who uses your referral code, applies, and is accepted. If, the amount of the loan gets increased or decreased, the commission also changes accordingly.


Being a DSA partner is a lucrative career option where you have total control of your job, performance and salary. So, if you aspire to become a DSA channel partner, the above information outlines everything you need to know about becoming one efficiently. To become a Channel Partner with Andromeda, do visit our Partner page and submit your details.

How to Register for becoming a DSA?

Were you hoping to join the ranks of a registered DSA Agent but didn’t know how? You can find out all you need to know to make it happen provided below. All the information you need to know about becoming a registered DSA is provided for you.

Who is a DSA?

A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) refers to a home loan agent who works for a bank or non-banking financial organisation. Members of a bank or NBFC’s personnel are known as DSA agents, and they are responsible for finding new consumers. Applying for DSA loans is a simple procedure since the DSA loan experts will care for all the documentation. Rather than the employee they were hired to represent, DSA loan agents work for the bank or NBFC they were hired to represent. A commission is given to the agents every time a loan application is accepted. However, to work as a DSA loan agent, one must first get their registration.

How to register for becoming a DSA?

Loan DSA Partner Registration can be done online by carefully completing the following steps:

  • Send your application to the bank or non-banking financial institution online

  • Pay for the application process

  • A bank or NBFC will contact you after you’ve finished the payment and application procedure to become a DSA partner

  • Your papers, credit history, and credit score will be verified by the bank or NBFC’s legal personnel to commence the due process

  • After a bank or NBFC verifies your application and is satisfied with the information supplied, they will send the DSA agreement

  • Sign the contract and send it across

  • Your bank or financial institution will provide an individual DSA loan agent code

You become a DSA Channel Partner after acquiring the DSA loan agent code from the bank or NBFC. To file any case, the loan agreement, this code is necessary. Those that utilise your code to get loans will be reimbursed for it. You may apply for the DSA loan agent on several financing websites to expedite the loan application procedure.

To become a DSA, what documentation is required?

The verification standards for a DSA Agent may differ somewhat across institutions. Loan DSA partners must provide the following paperwork to become registered:

  • Passport-sized photos of recent times

  • PAN card

  • Proof of their identity, such as Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Passport

  • The past three months’ worth of utility bills

  • Form for the registration of a business

  • Transactions or statements from three months before the DSA loan agent application date are required. If you are applying on behalf of a business, you should provide your personal information, followed by your company’s information

  • All transcripts of records and diplomas

  • Certification from a reputable Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • An institution will need the firm’s registration information to apply

  • The GSTIN number and other information (only if applicable)

  • Any other official documents and certificates.

  • Qualified Public Accountant (CPA) seal of approval (CPA).

To become a DSA, what are the prerequisites?

Admission standards vary from one institution to the next as a DSA loan broker. It is not necessary to have a degree in banking or finance to participate. Loan agents for the DSA might be salaried or unpaid. You must be well-versed in the material. To register, you must be legally an adult, which is at least 18 years old. Applicants must be citizens of India. A good CIBIL score and credit history are necessary. Having a job as a DSA loan agent comes with several advantages.

DSA loan agents do not need a college degree to work with the company. Regardless of education or past employment, anybody may become a DSA loan agent and help people get loans. You may work whenever you want since there are no set restrictions. As a DSA loan salesperson, you may work while still in school. Each time a loan is obtained using your referral code, you get a commission. Your commission will rise or fall depending on the size of the loan.

If you want to collaborate with a DSA as a loan agent, then follow the procedures outlined above to make it happen. Follow the above-mentioned Loan DSA Partner Registration process, and that is all that is required of you to apply and become a recognised DSA partner.

How to become a certified Loan Agency Partner ?

A loan agent is someone who assists a person in securing a loan from various banks and lenders. It is quite evident that the loan agents have an immense influence on the proper and fundamental functioning of the banks. And Andromeda is one of the greatest and the most widespread distributors of finances, loans, mortgages and other financial assistance or instruments. So, it is very beneficial to become a DSA Agent at any reputed loan agency. But, how can you become the loan agent at Andromeda? Well, we have discussed the following to answer this question and let you know about becoming a loan agent at Andromeda.

What is the eligibility criterion for becoming a DSA?

Let us begin the discussion with the eligibility criteria you need to complete the Loan Dsa Partner Registration. The following are the different requirements for eligibility for this position at a reputed organization:

● No specific education qualification is necessary for becoming a loan agent

● Anyone from any professional background who can manage the work in their spare time is eligible for this post

● Anyone dedicated enough to be a part of the system and carry out all the workload most proficient and effectively in time is eligible for the post.

What is the process to become a loan agent?

The Loan Dsa Partner Registration process at any given organization is simple and easy to follow. So, let us now know about the different aspects of the process of becoming a loan agent.

The following are the points that you must know about:

● You will have to fill out a form that is readily available on the official website of the company. If you do not get the form online at the official website, you can visit the branch office. Fill out the form. Submit it to the bank or a financial firm.

● The respective department will contact you and ask you to submit specific documents, which you will have to follow

● After verifying your documents are complete, a legal team will look through your credit history

● After the above process is complete, the respective bank will call you for an interview

● After that, you may sign officially with the bank/ NBFC to make everything official

● You will receive a certificate or DSA code as a loan agent

● You can begin submission of the application following the format suggested by the bank that you will be dealing with

What is your responsibility as a loan agent?

When registering at a company as an agent, it is essential that you are well aware of the different responsibilities you are to carry out. Knowing about your role as an agent makes you more focused and streamlined in your work. So, let us now look into the different roles and responsibilities of a loan agent.

The fundamental and prime role of the agents is to bring more and more leads to the bank. Their work is to sell home loans, mutual funds, personal loans, business loans, or other loans and ensure that the bank approves the customers’ loans. Another essential responsibility of the agents is to check and ensure the documents that the people require for securing loans and other financial instruments from the bank. They also have to assist the people trying to secure a loan from the bank until their process of getting the loan approved completes.

When you become a loan agent at a reputed DSA organization, you enjoy several benefits. Every DSA Agent enjoys flexible work hours, great commission, and freedom of developing contacts, zero investments and many more benefits. So, now that you’re well aware of the process, eligibility and role of a loan agent, apply for the post as soon as possible.

Enjoy working freely at one of the country’s best and the most significant financial distributors. Earn great commissions and work flexible hours by following the simplest steps for registration as a loan agent at Andromeda.