5 unique reasons to get a Citibank credit card today

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When it comes to Citibank’s financial and banking services, the credit card is one of the most popular offerings. Each Citibank credit card is designed to appeal to a wide range of expenses, including eating, gasoline, entertainment, travel, shopping, and more. Aside from making cashless purchases, you can also collect reward points, get special discounts, and get cash-back whenever you use the card for any of these purposes.

As one of India’s most well-known credit card providers, Citibank is a household name in cards.

Here we have curated 5 reasons why Citibank Credit Cards are an excellent choice:

1. There are no limits to the number of prizes you may win

A lot of people got introduced to the world of credit cards through a widely accepted Citi Rewards card. With this card, you get 10X points on spend of Rs. 125 or more in clothes or department stores, making it one of the most rewarding credit cards available. You gain 1 point for every Rs. 125 spent on other purchases. You can receive up to 2,500 points for signing up, depending on how much money you spend. Additionally, if you spend more than Rs. 30,000 in a month, you can earn up to 300 additional points. Also, the reward points on this card never expire, which is a big plus.

The annual charge for this card is Rs. 1,000, however if you spend Rs. 30,000 or more in a year, the price is waived.

2. There is no charge for the use of gasoline

As gas prices continue to skyrocket, it may be tough for many of us to keep up with the rising cost of transportation. It’s for this reason that a gasoline credit card, such as the IndianOil Citi Platinum Card, is an absolute need. When you spend Rs. 150 on an IndianOil fuel station with this card, you get 4 turbo points. You can also save money on your weekly grocery trips since you gain 2 turbo points for every Rs. 150 spent on food and stores. It is almost equivalent to Re. 1. To top it all off, if you spend any amount of money at all throughout the course of a year, you may redeem your turbo points for fuel.

3. Every purchase earns you a cash-back

It’s better to go with the Citi Reward card if you’re seeking an infinite cash-back card. Cash-back on cinema tickets and phone bills are offered with the card. What’s more and what else? Additionally, Citibank online bill pay offers a 5% reward incentive when used to pay utility bills. Once you’ve accumulated at least Rs. 500 in cash-back, it’s instantly paid to your account and it has no expiration date. The annual fee charged for this card is just Rs. 500.

4. The best rewards program in the business

The rewards program offered by Citibank credit cards is rated amongst the best available cards in the market. If approved, you’ll receive a slew of perks, including a 20% discount on Urban Company services and a 5% discount on Amazon, and recently more deals have been added similar to these ones.

5. Savings, Coupons, and Freebies

Citibank offers a variety of limited-period credit card offers on a regular basis. For example, you may save up to 20% on eating, receive fast savings on particular brands of clothing or electronics, get significant discounts on online certification courses, get free cinema tickets weekly or monthly, and get cash-back at almost all of the duty-free retailers. Always remember to check the bank’s website to see if you’re qualified for any new deals on your Citibank credit card.

Unfortunately, with the advent of new players in the market, nowadays many consumers ignore the Citi Premier card while looking for a new credit card. One of the most intriguing features of this card is the ability to make the most of the no-annual-fee Citi Double Cash card, which is one of the finest cards for daily shopping with 3x point categories. There are hardly any card duos better than Citi Premier and Double Cash.