Axis Bank DSA Registration


A direct selling agent (DSA) acts as an intermediary between a lending institution and their consumers. They are often the first point of contact between a customer and a bank, responsible for taking care of their paperwork and guiding loan applicants to streamline the process without any hiccups. Axis bank is one of the top-rated banks in the country, helping clients make better financial decisions with their decades-old expertise. Working as an Axis bank DSA partner is a great way to begin your career, for you will get generous compensation, experienced mentors, and better opportunities in such a reputed firm. 


Benefits of working as an Axis bank DSA

  • Earn a handsome monthly stipend: Reputed lending firms like Axis bank offer generous monthly stipends, bonuses, and incentives for their DSA agents. They also take an interest in training them and developing their selling skills.

  • Make more sales: Working with a well-known financial institution like Axis bank helps you to sell more products as people are likely to trust your brand. You can easily establish trust with your audience. And, as an Axis bank DSA, you will be viewed as a trusted financial advisor. 

  • Enjoy flexible working hours: The best benefit of working in a reputed firm like Axis bank is that they offer flexible working hours. It is a lucrative role for individuals who have to juggle multiple commitments. 

  • No upfront investment required: You do not have to pay any hefty fees or invest in the bank to work as an Axis bank DSA partner. Working as an Axis bank DSA agent is nothing like a multi-level marketing scheme. As an Axis bank DSA, your focus should be on enhancing the customer experience and finding new prospects. You do not have to recruit other agents. 

Offer attractive interest rates: Axis bank is one of the top-rated lending firms that offer some of the best interest rates in the market and always brings high-quality in-demand products for their clients. As an Axis bank DSA agent, you can offer a wide range of loan products, credit cards, and investment schemes for your customers.

Eligibility criteria to apply for Axis bank DSA registration

  • Citizenship: You must be a citizen of India to apply for Axis bank DSA registration online. 
  • Age: If you are not above 18 years of age, you cannot work as an Axis bank DSA agent. 
  • Qualification: You do not need professional degrees in banking or finance to work as an Axis bank DSA partner. However, you must go through their on-job training modules to learn about their products and come up with marketing strategies to highlight their benefits to consumers. 
  • Credit history: Although not a compulsory requirement, make sure that you have good CIBIL scores when applying for the role of an Axis bank DSA agent. If you have poor credit scores, it is quite unlikely that lenders will entrust you to handle others’ finances. 
  • Additional requirements: If you know at least one regional language in your operating area, you will find it easier to establish connections and make sales with your target audience. Prospects also tend to look for agents who speak their tongue for it brings a sense of familiarity and they share common cultural nuances. For example, DSA agents who do not understand the expenses associated with Indian weddings may find it absurd or unfathomable to take a personal loan to finance it. 


Documents required to apply for Axis bank DSA registration

  • Identity proof: Aadhar card, Voter ID, PAN card
  • Address proof: Passport, driving license, and utility bills
  • Registration form: Your Axis bank DSA registration form with all your basic and financial details
  • Income proof: Your business address proof if you run a business, salary slips if you work for a company, or payment invoices if you work as a freelancer
  • Tax details: Form 16 and other income tax documents

Bank account details: Your latest three months’ bank transaction details

Why choose a reputed lending institution?

It is better to choose a well-known firm like Axis bank when applying for the role of a DSA partner because a reputed bank offers better opportunities. They receive invites to important trade shows and networking events. You can connect to mentors and promote your services to a newer crowd. A reputed bank also offers better compensation, skill-building programs, and more flexible working conditions. Andromeda Loans is another top-rated lending institution, which offers competitive interest rates and a vast array of in-demand financial products. They are also known for their cutting-edge technology, minimal paperwork, and quick loan disbursals. 


How to apply for Axis bank DSA registration online?


To apply for Axis bank DSA registration online, go to their official website and apply to their ‘DSA Partner Program’ option. Fill in the registration form with your basic details. Create an account on the login portal. Submit the necessary KYC identification documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, and Voter ID on the portal. Next, you have to enter your employment proof like salary slips or payment invoices, and income details into the DSA registration form to complete the process. 


If the bank authorities shortlist your profile, you will be called in for an interview. The interviewers will assess your capabilities and inform you of the duties and expectations of an Axis bank DSA partner. If you are selected for the role, you have to sign the DSA agreement. It is a written contract detailing the terms and conditions to protect the interests of both parties.

Axis Bank DSA Registration FAQ

An Axis bank DSA is an individual who partners with Axis bank to sell products in their name. They typically earn a percentage of the total loan amount they sell every month. Working as an Axis bank DSA is a lucrative career opportunity, as it is a well-known lending firm that offers generous stipends, bonuses, and flexible working conditions.

To apply for Axis bank DSA registration, you have to open an account on their official website and enter your personal and professional details. Submit all the necessary documents like address proof, income proof, and identity proof. If your profile is shortlisted, you will be asked to turn up for an in-person or virtual interview.

An Axis bank DSA assists their bank’s loan applicants throughout the sanction process and ensures that all their documents are in order. Often, an Axis bank DSA is the first point of contact between their bank and the consumers, responsible for resolving queries and guiding them to make informed decisions. 

The best part about applying for Axis bank DSA registration online is that there is no meritocratic gatekeeping involved. You do not need formal degrees in banking, finance, or accounting to work as a bank DSA. You only need to learn about your bank’s products and highlight their unique selling points in your marketing campaigns.

No, you do not have to travel to the physical branch of your nearest Axis bank daily when working as an Axis bank DSA. You can also set your own working hours. This role is ideal for those who are looking for a full-time job but also need to juggle personal commitments on the side.