Bangalore to host Realty Film Festival

Eight films revolving around some aspect of realty will be screened at the festival being organised by a film society, Nani Cinematheque in Bangalore.

Theatre-artist and film-maker, Prakash Belawadi, came up with the idea of this film festival, perhaps, the first in India and even in the world, focused on real estate.

The film society which has Nani Cinematheque has around 100 members, has drawn up a list of 53 films comprising Hollywood and Indian productions. These films touch upon some aspect real estate and the common man’s association with it.

Of the 53 short-listed films, eight films will eventually be picked for screening at the festival, scheduled to run for three days over a weekend. The festival will have at least one rerun over another weekend.

The film festival will address three major issues related to realty, displacement, its politicization and fallout, lack of clarity in government policy regarding realty development and cultural trends in real estate contributing to changing lifestyles.

Some films which have been suggested for screening at the festival by members of Nani Cinematheque, a network of film buffs and alumni of Pune’s Film and Television Institute of India include Italian film-maker Francesco Rossi’s Hands over the City (depicts the corruption and cut-throat desire for money behind the building of a city), Indian films; Kannada film Mane (The Dwelling) and Bhimsain’s Gharonda.

Others included are Frank Capra’s 1939 Oscar-nominated comedy, Mr Smith Goes to Washington and John Ford’s black and white epic from 1940, The Grapes of Wrath. Belawadi is expecting corporate sponsors for the festival rather than realty firms as this might impact the quality of the festival.