CIBIL Credit Information Bureau Report Request Form

Now, you can apply for your own Credit Information Report (CIR) from CIBIL at a minimal cost.

There have been numerous instances when a loan application may be rejected for numerous reasons. One of the reasons could be your credit report, i.e. a repository of your borrowing and repayment habits and an indicator of your financial health. You can get this report only from your banks, that too, once you apply for a loan which may get rejected for the given reason.

Not anymore. A written communication from CIBIL to Andromeda has clarified that CIBIL has started offering Consumer disclosures through an interim solution which is in a testing phase. CIBIL will be manually handling consumer requests for a copy of their credit information report. Soon, consumers will also be able to access their report on-line and banks can respond to errors via an on-line maintenance tool. The automated phase is expected to be ready by the beginning of next fiscal year.