Citibank Citi Rewards Credit Card – Review

Kolkata, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, was the site of Citibank’s first operations in India in 1902. Today, it is a major foreign investor in the Indian financial sector. Depositories, credit bureaus, clearing and payment institutions have all benefited from Citibank’s involvement as a promoter stakeholder. By establishing Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd., Citi contributed to the development of the Indian software sector.

Features of the Citi Rewards Credit Card

The Citibank Rewards Credit Card offers 1,500 reward points for the first purchase completed during the first 30 days of the card being issued.

During the first 60 days of using the card, you’ll get 1,000 additional reward points for every Rs. 1,000 you spend.

Reward points earned:

For every Rs. 125 spent on department shops and clothing, whether online or in-store, you earn 10 reward points. For every Rs. 125 you spend in other categories, you earn one reward point.

Milestone rewards:

Spending Rs. 30,000 or more in a single month earns you an additional 300 bonus points.

For buying fuel:

IndianOil gas stations around the country accept the Citi Rewards Card points for fast redemption via SMS. The minimum number of points needed to redeem a prize is 1,000. Reversal of the 1% gasoline fee will take place at IndianOil Corporation-authorized outlets.

Benefits of shopping online and offline

You may use the points from this credit card to pay for virtually anything you want online, including movie tickets, airline tickets, and even mobile phone service.

Citibank’s partner

Points may be redeemed for in-store purchases at participating partner outlets only if you have a minimum of 250 points.

Benefiting from air miles

Using the reward points, you may also use your Frequent Flier and Air India membership miles.

The minimum number of points needed to redeem reward points will be 100, and each reward point will be worth 0.75 miles.

Benefits of cash-back

Your points can be transferred to the balance of your Citi Rewards credit card as well. The value of a credit card point is Rs. 0.35. The redemption threshold is 10,000 points. To get the most out of your credit card’s cash-back perks, it’s best to talk to customer service.

Benefits of the gift voucher

Reward points may be redeemed for gift certificates from a list of high-end companies available on the Citibank website.

Milestones have a lot to offer

Annual card fees are waived if you spend Rs. 30,000 or more on your card in a calendar year.

Benefits of dining

You may save up to 20% at participating restaurants.

Services provided by a personal assistant

Use a personal concierge to handle all of your party and eating needs, as well as any other requests you may have. All you have to do is dial 1800 114 999 to get started.


  • In order to get a Citibank Rewards Card, there is no price to join
  • If you use your Citibank Rewards Card for at least Rs. 30,000 in a calendar year, the annual cost is waived. Otherwise, a fee of Rs. 1,000 is assessed at the end of the calendar year for using your card

Online tracking of Citi rewards credit card applications for customers

Net-banking allows customers who have previously applied for the card to see the status of their application. Enter your application reference number and cell-phone number into the site. Other options include contacting customer service or visiting your local branch. The most recent information about the application will be provided by bank officials.