Digital Transformation: More Than Just Digital

Arun Ramamurthy heads Digital Transformation at Andromeda. Over its 30-year-old history, Andromeda has built an extensive brick and mortar network spanning 1500+ employees, 3000+ partners, 100+ locations and 200+ branches. As the lending industry rapidly digitises, it has become imperative for loan distributors to align with these trends digitally and drive sales online. The elements of Andromeda’s digital strategy comprised a re-branding exercise, building a central technology platform from scratch, using data and analytics extensively, developing a robust web-based front-end where partners and customers can interact seamlessly and also creating a strong communication strategy to convey these transformative elements to our stakeholders. This transformation has enabled Andromeda to become more digitally savvy, process-oriented, data-rich and is also value accretive for the company.