Document Checklist for a Used Car

Once the technical research has been done, start checking the existing paperwork of a second hand car. This is what you should be looking for:

1. Whether all the legal documents like registration certificate (RC Book), pollution under control (PUC) certificate, insurance certificate and service book are in order or not.

2. Whether the Road tax (RTO tax) has been paid or not.
(These papers need to be transferred in your name)

In the documents, you need to check the following:

Registration certificate book (RC) – You need to see whether the name of the state has been mentioned in the book. The RC book also contains a lot of intricate details about the car. This includes the engine number, chassis number, manufacturing date etc.

Insurance certificate – You need to check whether the car is covered under third party insurance or comprehensive insurance. The premium of the insurance scheme should have been paid at regular intervals.

And finally before buying the car, you need to check with authorities like the RTO and the insurance company whether the car has been stolen or involved in any illegal activity.