How do I become a DSA Partner?

You must be registered with a recognised DSA to become a DSA Partner. Make sure that you’ve followed the correct steps to become a DSA partner, and let us assist you. Getting in touch with a DSA is easy when you have all the details at your fingertips.

What does it mean to be a DSA Partner?

A direct selling agent, or DSA, is a home loan representative employed by a bank or non-banking financial institution. Partners of a bank or NBFC are called DSA partners, and they’re in charge of recruiting new customers for the institution.

Since the DSA loan professionals will handle everything, applying for a DSA loan is a cinch. Instead of representing the employee for whom they were engaged, DSA partners represent the bank or NBFC. Each time a loan application is approved, partners are paid a commission. As a DSA partner, one must first be registered with the agency.

To become a DSA Partner, How do you go ahead with it?

Please follow these steps to complete the DSA registration process online:

  • Step 1

You may begin by going to a bank’s or NBFC’s website and clicking on the “Partner Program” on their website.

  • Step 2

Complete the registration form and send it in to successfully apply for being a DSA Partner.

  • Step 3

Afterwards, the institution’s support staff will get in touch with you and arrange a meeting for you to proceed further with your application.

  • Step 4

During the meeting, an institution manager will walk you through the whole process, including how to generate leads. With this, you would be initiated to the basics of a DSA Partner.

  • Step 5

You and the bank or NBFC will sign a contract once you are satisfied with the processes and procedures. You will become a DSA Partner of that institution after signing and stamping the document provided.

To speed up the application process, you may apply for a DSA partner on various financing websites. After receiving the DSA partner contract from the bank or NBFC, you become a DSA Partner.

What kind of documents is needed to join and become a DSA Partner?

Generally, the DSA partner paperwork procedure is one that is deliberately kept to a bare minimum and is deliberately kept simple. In order to complete the Know Your Customer process, you are required to provide the following documents:

  • Your Aadhar Card

  • Your PAN Card

  • Your Driving License

  • Information regarding your Bank Account

The institution will welcome you as a DSA Partner as soon as the required paperwork has been provided in advance and has been correctly validated. The process itself is very straightforward to ensure that minimum complications are avoided during the registration and verification of a DSA partner.

Who may join the DSA, and what are the requirements?

As a DSA partner, admission requirements vary depending on the institution. Participation is open to anybody who has a high school diploma or similar educational qualification.

Regardless of employment status, one can apply to become a DSA partner. You must be knowledgeable about the topic at hand. Important is an excellent credit history as well as an excellent CIBIL score. Minimum age of 18 is essential for participation, as is the citizenship of India.

Benefits of working as a DSA partner:

Partners working for an institution do not need to meet educational requirements. Anyone can become a DSA partner and advise others in financial matters, regardless of their degree or prior experience. As there are no fixed obligations, you can choose the job flexibility and can stop being a partner whenever you wish. Working as a DSA loan representative can also be an alternative if you’re still studying. You will get a fee for each borrower who uses your referral code, applies, and is accepted. If, the amount of the loan gets increased or decreased, the commission also changes accordingly.


Being a DSA partner is a lucrative career option where you have total control of your job, performance and salary. So, if you aspire to be a DSA partner, the above information outlines everything you need to know about becoming a DSA partner efficiently. To become a DSA Partner with Andromeda, do visit our Partner page and submit your details.