How do you negotiate according to your zodiac sign

Negotiation skills come in handy when two or more people agree to arrive at a common, logical solution. You negotiate with your team lead, manager or potential clients when required. So, you need to master this soft skill to improve workplace communication and resolve customer conflicts. 

However, negotiation can be complex if one party is resistant while the other is ready to reach a compromise. In such cases, astrology reveals how you can fight fair if it is in your nature to do so.

This is how you negotiate as per your zodiac sign:


Aries love a good competition. They will do anything to win, especially when negotiating because losing is not in their blood. 

Ruled by Mars the planet of movement and combat—you do not fear calling a spade a spade. While discussions may look intense, you do forgive and forget others easily.

Stop: being adamant always. Be open to others’ perspectives as well.


Taureans may not seem very proactive or aggressive during a negotiation, but your practical and composed nature makes you a worthy opponent. 

A typical Taurean characteristic is that you have a holistic understanding of the problem and solution and want the discussion to favor you. As Venus rules you, you love balance.

Stop: being stubborn. If you are a loan agent, be flexible with your daily or monthly targets, lead conversions, and other processes.


Geminis love people, even though you may initiate a casual debate that can eventually escalate to a full-fledged argument. 

You have good communication skills, which is a gift from your ruling planet Mercury. You are also blessed with a changeable personality that allows you to think quickly during a disagreement.

Stop: leaving conversations incomplete. Try to explain your point of view before moving on to the next topic of discussion.


Governed by the Moon, Cancers are known for their emotional and nurturing nature. Your biggest virtue is that you can use your emotions to influence people.

You can be temperamental when triggered. This can make you shift your attention from the purpose of the meeting to the emotions of the client you are interacting with.

Stop: avoiding conflict. You can approach a negotiation with care and respect.


Known to be of the most famous zodiac signs, Leos are flamboyant and fierce. You are transparent in your interactions and do not mind sharing your thoughts with those around you.

You have a natural regal nature, just like your ruling planet Sun. But your expressions tend to become loud and dramatic if a negotiation turns into an argument. 

Stop: being inflexible with others. Try to be a patient listener.


As a perfectionist, Virgos want to better themselves in every aspect. You tend to be passive-aggressive in your negotiations as you want peaceful interactions with your leads, colleagues, and clients. 

So, you are a fan of being calm and sticking to the details of your interactions. But if someone interferes with your plan, you can become as volatile as your ruling planet Mercury.

Stop: being so critical about yourself. We all are a work in progress.


You are ruled by the planet of love and harmony, Venus. Thus, you prefer diffusing a tense situation instead of negotiating intensely.

You are known to be harmonious and fair-minded in your interactions with others. However, you prefer someone to support you during a negotiation instead of doing it alone. 

Stop: avoiding conflicts. You should express your thoughts if your reasoning can help resolve an issue.


Scorpions choose their battles carefully. It is because you observe the situation carefully and understand the undercurrents of any discussion. Being ruled by Mars, you are determined.

You will not shy away from being assertive in any negotiation as long as you understand the truth of the matter.

Stop: doubting people always. As a DSA partner with Andromeda Loans, your lenders, managers, and clients will have different temperaments. Be kind to them.


Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is all about wisdom. So a negotiation with you can go on for hours, provided the discussion is not small talk. 

You stick to logic and facts, along with a bit of charisma, to prove your point. And it is difficult to stop talking until you have had the last word.

Stop: being distant from people. Improve your patience especially when your opponent challenges you.


Capricorns are problem-solvers and tend to be responsible with decision-making. Ruled by Saturn, you are very objective in your approach when negotiating a deal.

But sometimes, you do not accept others’ points of view and can come across as stubborn. You also forget your feelings and only focus on the big picture.

Stop: doing everything by yourself. It is absolutely alright to ask for help.


Aquarius come across as distant or aloof, but you are internally dealing with your volatile emotions. During a negotiation, you are interested in learning about all sides of an argument. 

With Saturn being your ruling planet, you are highly intelligent, and it is sometimes tough to counter-talk with you. You think deeply and really care about winning your clients or lenders.

Stop: hiding your emotions. You are allowed to be vulnerable and honest, even in business interactions.


Pisces wear their heart on their sleeves. You are sensitive and caring and try to avoid confrontations at any cost. 

In any negotiation, you put your emotions first and always attempt to understand where the other person is coming from. You are ruled by Jupiter which makes you selfless in your interactions.

Stop: being a giver always. Work on your business communication skills.

Summing up – Know your strengths

Negotiating with others is a learned skill, but knowing their zodiac sign can help. Astrology can show you how to prepare for any discussion, resolve any conflicts, and learn about different personalities, including yours.