How to earn more according to your zodiac sign

The post-pandemic era is seeing a rise in side hustles. The remote work model helped employees find extra time for passion projects and side incomes. According to Deloitte, 51% of Indian millennials in 2022 have side hustles. Employees understand the benefits of an additional income source. It helps with expenses and allows people to monetize their hobbies. 

Zodiac signs comprise personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. From the perfectionist streak of Virgos to the stability of Libras – zodiac signs tell more about you than you think.

People trust their zodiac signs when it comes to money matters because these signs are an extension of their personality. 

Here’s how you can optimize these learnings and earn more according to your zodiac sign:


Aries likes taking the lead in projects. Your ruthless ambition makes you perfect for leadership opportunities and projects with multiple roles. Your only fault? Inability to work with people.

Consider working part-time for startups where your drive gets things done. Your tenacity can also help you become an Andromeda loan agent.

Try these side hustles: loan agent, real estate agent or coaching.

Stop: being impulsive. Try thinking things through and work on your people skills.


A Taurus has exquisite taste and the stubbornness to see things through. They are great at client servicing and creative projects. You love to earn as you have expensive taste.

Consider working on projects that get your creative juices flowing. Interior decoration or illustration are excellent choices that can help you build a lucrative career.

Try these side hustles: interior decoration, image consulting and illustration.

Stop: being so stubborn. Work on compromising when things don’t go your way.


A Gemini is sociable and understands the nuances of communication. Your social skills help you navigate professional networking.

Represented by twins, Gemini can understand the grey shades of marketing. Your people skills can also help you plan parties and PR.

Try these side hustles: party planning, public relations or marketing

Stop: leaving projects unfinished. Work on your attention span. Consider limiting yourself to one or two projects.


Cancerians are emotional and passionate. They are often controlled by their emotions and work best at jobs that fulfil them emotionally. You can build strong emotional connections both inside and outside of work.

Consider remote work opportunities like an online yoga instructor. Your passion also makes you perfect for startup roles. 

Try these side hustles: yoga teacher and career or guidance counsellor.

Stop: taking things personally. Understand the difference between work friendship and personal friendship.


You love being the centre of attention. Leos are good at networking thanks to their glib tongue. Leos are also most likely to become billionaires.

Persuasive and good at communication, Leos can excel at writing copies. 

Try these side hustles: copywriting and stand-up comedy

Stop: making everything about yourself. Be more empathetic and listen to your work buddies.



Virgos are perfectionists: capable, fussy about details and great at organization. You have dabbled in multiple passion projects and love multitasking. The only problem? Your inability to finish passion projects.

If you want something done, you do it yourself because others do a shoddy job. Jobs like event management and virtual assistant are excellent side hustles for you because they focus on interpersonal skills.

Try these side hustles: event management and virtual assistant.

Stop: overthinking. You think never finishing your project means never facing failure, and you’re right. Unfortunately, that also means never facing success. Try to control that perfectionist streak and work on prioritizing your to-do list. 


The mediator of work conflicts: you are the office agony aunt. Your strengths are peacemaking and collaboration. Your faults? People-pleasing and indecisiveness.

Channel your love for the arts and make a profitable hobby. Since collaboration is one of your strongest suits, consider working on team projects. Try your hands at graphic designing, creative direction and consultancy or open up an Etsy store. 

Try these side hustles:

Stop: people-pleasing. Work on your collaborative skills but learn to say no at work.


Scorpios run on caffeine and ambition – both excellent for working in corporate. You are passionate about your work and never lack motivation. But how do you channel that ambition into making extra money? Side hustles often require collaboration – a trait least common in Scorpios.

Work on your people skills, Scorpio. You can dabble in remote work like social media management or research assistance. Both require the analytical skills and drive that Scorpios have in abundance. Any work that allows you to channel that competitive streak healthily.

Try these side hustles: social media management, data analysis, and research assistance.

Stop: distrusting people. Scorpios will do well to work on social skills. 


A Sagittarius thrives in social situations: the colleague that knows everyone by name. It provides ample opportunities for networking and navigating client relationships. 

You can work on 1:1 client-facing side hustles. Several companies look for virtual salespeople and client service associates. As a loan agent, your skills as a persuasive speaker and your ability to anticipate problems help you convince clients. Use your connection to work on professional relationships. Consider content creation and use that good humour to build a community.

Try these side hustles: becoming a loan agent and content creator.

Stop: mixing business and leisure. People might think you’re not serious about your job. 


Capricorns are ace at financial planning. They probably already have a detailed plan for side hustles. As a Capricorn, you are ambitious like Scorpios. Unlike a Scorpio, however, you are practical. Ambition and organization are excellent traits for leadership and management roles.

You have top-notch organizational skills and excel at multitasking. Try remote work like project management which requires extensive planning. You can also work on ghostwriting projects like ebook writing.

 Try these side hustles: ghostwriting ebooks and remote project management.

Stop: being a loner. Improve your social skills and learn to delegate work. You don’t have to do everything.


An Aquarius is innovative and creative. Their knack for trying new things naturally aligns with tech and innovation. You are the go-to person for the office’s tech problems. However, you need to check your temper during collaborative efforts. Work on improving your skills as an empathetic leader.

You will go out of your way to help people and have a natural affinity for problem-solving. Consider freelance opportunities in website development and programming. 

Try these side hustles: programmer and website developer.

Stop: snapping at people. An Aquarius is easily irritated when things don’t go their way. Try to maintain your composure when colleagues challenge you. 


You care deeply for others and have a sense of empathy towards strangers. A Pisces is creative and thus excels at both teaching and the arts. However, they often grapple with self-doubt and financial planning. Therefore, a side hustle is crucial for Pisces.

You are empathetic and kind: qualities necessary for a good tutor. You are also creative and can work on part-time projects like design and photography.

Try these side hustles: tutoring and photography.

Stop: doubting your intuition. Self-doubt will lead you nowhere. Work on trusting your gut during decision-making.

Summing up – Play to your strengths

Side hustles demand extra patience and time. Consider zodiac signs as a type of SWOT analysis and play to your strengths. The additional income is worth it.