Huge debts…Cheque Bounces…am I eligible for a Loan?

I have a very bad credit records for various reasons. Currently, I have loans amounting to Rs. 15, 00, 000, in spite of the fact that my wife and I earn pretty well.

These debts have accumulated as a result of excessive expenditure towards education of my children and other contingencies. I also have a history of cheque bounces on my account.

My weak financial situation will last for another two years, till the completion of the education of my 2 children who are undergoing their 5th semester (of an eight-semester course) in Engineering. Once my children are through with their course, I may be able to save some money, even if we don’t get any financial support from them. I am also willing to ensure full security of bank loan in case of my death or retirement as a normal course.

I am a salaried individual with 7 years of service pending before retirement. Will there be a bank willing to lend me? The situation I am in was unavoidable; will this mean that I can’t get a loan ever? Can I get some sort of a loan with an option to pay of the loan within 10-20 years. I can afford to pay an EMI of Rs. 17, 000 per month.

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