Internet transactions do not guarantee product quality

Credit card issuers are not responsible for the quality of the services/products you might purchase on the Internet. Their only involvement in your purchase is when it comes to payment. Therefore, if you were to order a product online, pay for it online, and subsequently find that the product is not all that it is cracked up to be, do not expect the card issuer to cancel your financial transaction.

Any issue you have with the product/service will have to be taken up with the company providing it/them. What you can do is raise a formal dispute on this particular payment; this could apply pressure on the product/service vendor to settle your complaint to your satisfaction. Vendors, especially online vendors have a real interest in keeping on the right side of payment networks.

Any hanky-panky on their part and they could find themselves not able to use that particular payment network. This is only indirect pressure. Anything of this sort will still be outside the jurisdiction or interest of the credit card issuer. The credit card issuer’s liability is to ensure that when you pay with your credit card, the payment goes through without any hitches to the correct vendor, that’s about it.