Mr V Swaminathan, CEO of Andromeda shares his success story.

1991 was a watershed year for India. The government had ushered in several economic reforms to liberalise, privatise and globalise the economy. This was also the time when several foreign banks which had set up operations in India were starting to offer products like credit cards. Now, Indians were traditionally risk averse but in this new economic environment, I realised it was only a matter of time before people acquired a credit culture to finance their aspirational needs. It was in this context that I started Andromeda. I also realised that banks had limitations when it came to local market knowledge and needed trustworthy distributors. I had a vision of a company which would, over time, not only be a one-stop shop for any loan that a customer would want to take but also be a partner of choice for any bank that wants to offer retail loans in India.
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