The New Zero Brokerage Plan from Angel Broking is Set to Revolutionize Stock Trading

Investing in stocks is one of the most profitable ways to build wealth over the long term. Nearly every person on the list of top 100 wealthiest people in the world owns a large block of shares, either in a private or public corporation.

Warren Buffet, the legendary investor defines investing as the process of laying out your money today to receive more in the future. The main motive here is to put your money to work overtime.

To entice investors, Angel Broking, the largest independent, full-service retail broking house in India recently launched zero brokerage on their Angel iTrade platform. After receiving a stellar response for its simplified pricing driven premium services plan, the company has announced the next version, Angel iTrade Prime.

A Platform for New-Age Investors

Angel Broking, is a full-service digital broking platform that has transformed how retail trading takes place in the country. It offers an extensive range of financial solutions such as Equity Trading, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Portfolio Management, IPO and Ebroking. With an ever-growing presence in close to 2,000 cities across India with 110+ branches, Angel Broking is changing the way people trade in stocks and commodities.

The desktop platforms and mobile applications the company offers enable you to set up a trading account in less than five minutes. The company has strived to optimize its offerings across all stages.

The company has three decades of operating experience and has played a crucial role in shaping the stock broking environment in the country. It has introduced multiple technology-based initiatives in the past thereby proving why it is the right choice for new-age traders. It has further strengthened its portfolio with the new zero brokerage plan in the form of iTrade Prime.

Why iTrade Prime is a game-changer? 

Angel Broking’s iTrade Prime has been designed to eliminate all perceived hurdles to investing such as lack of transparency, hidden or high brokerage fees, and easy access. The CEO of Angel Broking, Vinay Agarwal claims that Angel iTrade Prime will offer a full suite of broking services free of cost.

This also includes basic advisory and research.The brokerage costs add up significantly to the list of expenses that an investor has to incur. The costs are dependent on the parameters on which brokerage is calculated. The cost is even more substantial if it is estimated on the percentage of trades. The Zero Brokerage Plan by Angel Broking is seriously going to ease the burden of investors who have for long been looking for a transparent brokerage plan with no hidden charges associated.

The core belief behind launching iTrade Prime is to simplify the investing journey of a client. For instance, if we consider the cash delivery segment trades, the additional costs incurred by the investor become quite evident. Previously, if the purchased shares were held longer than a day, then the trader would have to pay transaction charges, brokerage fees, and other taxes along with the purchase value of the shares.

Under this plan, Angel Broking has announced its ZERO cost brokerage services for trades performed in cash delivery. A flat fee of just ₹20/- is being charged per order for Commodities, Currencies, F&O for Intraday trading. The new plan, however, cuts down brokerage charges entirely thereby lowering the overall cost burden for the customer. There is a demand for an uncomplicated self-service digital investment experience by new-age investors in recent years. The demand comes from investors largely in tier-2 and 3 cities who prioritize low costs, complete transparency and digital control while investing. This is what Angel iTrade Prime is all about.

Key Features of iTrade Prime

  • Reducing brokerage charges to zero promotes investments inequities as a preferred avenue for retail investors looking for longer-term growth options
  • Providing access to tech-driven services to both existing and first-time investors
  • To develop an investment culture that is based on self-service, focus, and simplicity

Aage Badhne ka Smart Sauda

The new campaign by Angel Broking, ‘Aage Badhne ka Smart Sauda’ truly reflects how Angel Broking’s Zero Brokerage Plan is truly a game-changer. This plan offers a smart choice of stock investment without any barriers.

Why Angel iTrade Prime is a “Smart Sauda”?

  • A comprehensive program to help traders meet their financial needs
  • “Smart Sauda” designed around young investors’ aspirations to make smart investment choices
  • Smart Sauda promotes iTrade Prime as a plan that promises cutting edge technology, affordable pricing, and end-to-end broking services
  • Empowers investors to trade smartly even if they have very little to no investing knowledge
  • Slashing brokerage charges to promote equity investments for investors pursuing a long-term growth asset class