TV shows to learn about Money, Finance and Business

Want the insider’s perspective on finance and business? You will be surprised by how much you can learn from finance-related movies and TV shows.

From elaborate money scams to thought-provoking biopics, finance movies and TV shows provide multiple angles on finance topics. The popularity of business reality shows like Shark Tank India proves that people are hungry for financial content.

TV shows on business and finance are long due. They are a masterclass in infotainment – remember the interest in the stock market after Scam 1992? There is an interest in finance, but many don’t explore the subject because of complex academia.

So, here’s a list of 8 TV shows that make money, finance, and business fun:

Scam 1992

Scam 1992 is one of the most honest portrayals of finance and trading on Indian television. With stellar performances from the cast, the SonyLiv show revolves around the life of Harshad Mehta. Mehta was a stockbroker involved in the 1992 securities scam. His story is narrated with the perfect hint of drama to keep you hooked.

The best part about Scam 1992 is the way it makes stockbroking engaging. It does not feel like your regular finance movies and TV shows with lavish lifestyles. Mehta’s story, combined with a brilliant background score, makes you sit on the edge of your seat. Watch it for an insider insight into the 1992 scam – India’s biggest money market scam.

Dirty Money

An original Netflix production, Dirty Money is a docu-series about the greed of corporations. It investigates corporate fraud and scamming entrepreneurs. Helmed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, Dirty Money is a must-watch TV show about the darker side of the business. It exposes the problems of a late-stage capitalistic society where the rich hoard wealth while the poor starve.

The thesis of Dirty Money is not new. We knew about wealth distribution and hoarding in our society. However, the docu-series also provides portraits of the people behind these scams. It warns you against such crippling and myopic ambition.

Silicon Valley

Based on his own experiences, Mike Judge wrote a hilarious take on the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley. It follows the life of Richard Hendricks as he tries to build his company – Pied Piper. Silicon Valley’s satire hits home because of its self-awareness. You get a grasp of the realities and absurdities of the actual Silicon Valley.

While focusing on the comic and ridiculous aspects of the Valley, the show also gives you a glimpse of the real-life struggles of startup founders. There is constant tension between the big-shot tech oligarchs and struggling tech entrepreneurs. The finance TV show also questions the motives of seemingly philanthropic startup founders by poking fun at them.

Bad Boy Billionaires

Netflix India’s Bad Boy Billionaires works on the same premise as Dirty Money. It is an investigative docu-series on corporate greed and scams in India. It exposes the scams of billionaires in India: Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Subrata Roy, and Ramalinga Raju.

The docu-series Bad Boy Billionaires is among the few finance-related movies and TV shows in India that unveil the hedonistic lifestyle of billionaires. It is a shocking contrast with the rest of India, which struggles to make ends meet.

The Profit

The Profit is a pivotal show for entrepreneurs. Multimillionaire CEO Marcus Lemonis provides advice to struggling small businesses and startups. From dilapidated hamburger joints to auto dealerships – Lemonis does not discriminate.

The show elaborates on the three Ps — people, products, and processes. Lemonis patiently listens to the business owners and counsels them on these three Ps. Like Shark Tank, business owners must convince the business tycoon to invest in their business. However, Lemonis is the sole investor here.

One of the joys of the show is the different personalities Marcus Lemonis meets throughout the show. For instance, the thirteen-year-old CEO of a cookie-making company.

Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is an unconventional take on business. Every week, the celebrity chef spends one week attempting to revive a dying restaurant business.

Ramsay is fun to watch on television. He brings his culinary skills, drama, and wit to the silver screen. It is this wit that makes an otherwise grim subject an entertaining watch.

What does it take to revive a failing business? It focuses on the economics and people behind a restaurant. The reality show is an attempt at levity during failures.

Shark Tank India

The best finance movies and TV shows are accessible. Shark Tank India simplifies business jargon and makes it enjoyable for everyone. There is no room for histrionics here: the format is clean and holds your interest even when you’re not an entrepreneur.

The Indian chapter of ABC’s beloved Shark Tank taps into the Indian consciousness. It brings forward the stories, lessons, and struggles of Indian entrepreneurs.

Shark Tank India follows the classic show’s format: veteran entrepreneurs listen and evaluate the pitches of up-and-coming businesses. Every episode has up to four pitches. It is the best of reality with none of its long-drawn theatrics.


Start-Up is a poignant Korean drama about the highly competitive world of startups in Korea. Starring big names like Bae Suzy and Kim Seon-Ho, the Kdrama gives a glimpse of Korea’s Silicon Valley – Sandbox.

Seo Dal-mi aspired to become the next Steve Jobs of Korea. She drops out of university to take up part-time work and achieve this dream. The drama sheds light on women in tech and their struggles in a male-dominated ecosystem.

The interest in finance movies and TV shows proves that people enjoy complex concepts if they are accessible. It also shows the burgeoning interest in visual learning; finance video content seems to hold more sway over finance books like Rich Dad Poor Dad. The best finance movies and TV shows make learning easy and more entertaining. They also investigate scams and provide a fresh perspective on age-old financial concepts.