All you need to know about ICICI credit card charges

ICICI credit card charges guide

Today’s world has become busier than ever, and in this fast-moving world, it is essential that we perform all our actions, both personally & professionally, in the fastest mode possible. And as we all are aware, along with becoming busier, the world has also become much more prompt when it comes to transactions, which means that financial transactions also need to be completed in the fastest way possible.

And one of the most useful techniques for it is the use of credit cards. All the banks offer credit card facilities to their customers, and ICICI bank is one of the most renowned ones that provide the best and the most efficient credit card services. So, when you are one of the millions of people availing of ICICI credit cards, you must know all about the ICICI credit card payment and other charges.

Thus, we will discuss all you need to know about the ICICI credit card payment and its charges in the discussion below.

Charges on the ICICI Credit Cards

For using the ICICI credit cards, you need not undergo numerous complicated steps. It is because the most crucial step is to utilize the ICICI credit card login process. And then, you need not worry about anything else! However, you must know about the different charges levied on the credit cards provided by the ICICI bank. So, let us know about various charges applicable on the ICICI Credit Cards.

One of the most renowned and beneficial ICICI credit cards is the ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card. And there are the different charges that are levied on it.

  • Joining fee

You need not to pay any joining fee for this ICICI credit card payment. You can readily register and get a credit card delivered to your doorstep, though there are certain basic limits that are applicable like if you spend a certain amount from your credit card then you get a waiver for the joining and the maintenance fee.

  • Annual fee

From the second year onwards, you need not pay an annual fee. One has to pay a certain annual fee for the credit card at ICICI bank. But, that is for the first year only. From the second year onwards, one need not pay any annual charges to the bank for their credit card.

  • Supplementary Card fee

It does not involve any supplementary card fee as well. You can readily avail of it, but there are no charges for the supplementary card fee.

These were the charges levied explicitly on the credit cards of ICICI bank. But, there is also a general charge that one has to pay if they are due to pay back the bank a particular sum. The amount of the charge varies. And that variation depends on the time for which the person is yet to pay the bank and the amount of money the person has already paid as repayment to the bank. So, there are certain late payment charges levied on the credit cards, except on the Emerald Credit Card of the ICICI Bank. The amount for late payment varies, and if one is late for paying a sum less than Rs. 100 to Rs. 2000, then there will be no charges levied.

But, as the charges due for payment increase, the late payment charges also increase. And the maximum late payment charge can be Rs.1500 on the unpaid amount of Rs. 50,000 and above. So, it is essential that one pays the due sum to the bank within the time given to them, else they become subject to the charges of late payment.

So, you need not pay any hefty charges when you opt for an ICICI bank credit card, and all you need to do is undertake the process of ICICI credit card login for your credit card account and keep yourself up to date. And then, enjoy the best mode of a transaction effortlessly! To apply for a credit card directly from your home, you can visit Andromeda and get to know the latest offers.