How to Apply for HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card?

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card

Credit cards are one of the best personal finance tools that help you to build a credit history and handle emergencies. Applying for a credit card can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. Before investing in a credit card, you must understand its features to choose the one best suited to your financial goals. The HDFC Regalia Gold credit card comes with several benefits. From complimentary gifts to reward points and insurance, the Regalia Gold credit card has you covered. Read on to know more about the HDFC Regalia Gold credit card, how to apply for the HDFC Regalia Gold credit card, and other information to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of using an HDFC Regalia Gold credit card

You can enjoy several advantages with your HDFC Regalia Gold credit card like the following.

  • Welcome bonuses: You get a host of welcome privileges with the HDFC Regalia Gold credit card. If you spend INR 3,00,000 within the first 90 days of card insurance, you can get 2500 reward points. You can also avail of 10,000 bonus reward points on INR 5 lakhs spent, and an additional 5000 bonus reward points on INR 8 lakhs spent in an anniversary year. With the HDFC Regalia Gold card, you can earn 4 reward points for every INR 150 you spend on retail purchases.
  • High reward points: The HDFC Regalia Gold credit card offers high reward points for every transaction you make, making it an ideal option for those who use credit cards for daily expenses. It is also one of the best ways to build an excellent CIBIL score as if you pay off your debts in full every month, you are viewed as a credible borrower.
  • Travel privileges: The HDFC Regalia Gold credit card is one of the best cards for frequent travelers as they offer 12 complimentary lounge access at airports around the world and 6 in India, complimentary Priority Pass membership, and air accident insurance coverage. You can also enjoy 24 x 7 concierge services for travel assistance and hotel reservations. With this HDFC Regalia card, you can also enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on a minimum transaction of INR 400 and a maximum transaction of INR 5000.
  • Priority Pass: With the Priority Pass, your add-on members and you can enjoy 6 complimentary airport lounges across the world. To apply for Priority Pass, you need to make a minimum of 4 retail transactions with your HDFC Regalia Gold credit card.
  • Dining benefits: You can enjoy a flat 25% off on almost 2000+ premium HDFC-partnered restaurants around the world with this HDFC Regalia Gold credit card. You can also enjoy a 1-1 buffet at almost 200+ restaurants. You can also enjoy an additional 5% off and get early access to food festivals like Gourmetlicious. If you are a foodie, it is best to invest in this card.
  • Golf membership: If you are a golf enthusiast, you may want to invest in an HDFC Regalia Gold credit card for your expenses. With this card, you can enjoy complimentary golf sessions and coaching programs around select golf courses in the country.
  • Insurance coverage: If you frequently travel abroad, this card will put all your medical emergency worries to rest. You can enjoy coverage for air accident-related deaths of up to INR 1 crore and overseas emergency hospitalization of up to INR 15 lakhs with this HDFC Regalia Gold credit card.
  • Zero lost card liability: If you lose your HDFC Regalia Gold credit card and report it within the first 24 hours, any fraudulent transaction of up to INR 9 lakhs made under your name will be taken care of by the bank.
  • Contactless payments: You can use the HDFC Regalia Gold credit card to make contactless payments at any retail store. It helps to make the transaction safer and more secure as you do not have to enter your PIN at the outlet. When purchasing the HDFC Regalia card, look for the contactless card option on its body.

Cons of using an HDFC Regalia Gold credit card

While the HDFC Regalia Gold credit card provides a series of benefits, it also has a couple of disadvantages like the following.

  • Minimum income requirement: You must have a high minimum income requirement to avail of the HDFC Regalia Gold credit card. Even if you have good credit scores, your income is an important factor in getting the HDFC Regalia Gold credit card.
  • Late payment fees: The HDFC bank charges late fees if you miss paying your credit card dues. You can automate your credit card payments to always be on time if you can ensure that you would always have enough disposable income in your bank account to pay it off.
  • Foreign transaction fees: The HDFC Regalia Gold credit card is not the best card to carry if you are traveling abroad, as they charge a 2% foreign transaction fee.

How to apply for an HDFC Regalia Gold credit card?

To apply for an HDFC Regalia Gold credit card, follow these steps.

  • Visit the official website of HDFC Bank.
  • Look for the HDFC Regalia Gold credit card under the credit cards section.
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  • Fill in the form with your personal and professional information like name, contact number, address, educational background, work experience, and so on. You must also submit your KYC Identification documents like your Aadhar card, passport, Voter ID, and PAN card.
  • Wait for the bank to approve your credit card application and get back to you.
  • You can also reach out to their customer service department if you run into any issues.

The best benefit of owning credit cards is that you can optimize them to boost your credit scores and enjoy deals and discounts. With various credit cards available on the market, it can be quite confusing to choose a credit card that would best fit your needs. You can reach out to Andromeda and receive advice from one of their many experienced finance professionals. You can also read blogs about best credit card practices, money management tips, and how to use credit cards properly to avoid debt on their website. Always read through the terms and conditions before signing up for a credit card.