How to get a Home Credit personal loan in India ?

Home Credit personal loan application guide

Home Credit is one of the household names in the financial sector of India, and they are famous for lending money and their financial assistance services. You might be curious about getting a home credit home loan with minimum hassle and the easiest way possible. Below are all the essential things you need to keep in mind to get your Home credit loan with ease.

What is Home Credit?

People with no credit history are given extra attention by home credit. There are nine countries in which Home Credit operates as an NBFC (Non-Banking Financing Company). It is possible to get a personal loan from the Home Credit company in India starting from Rs. 25,000 and up to Rs. 2 lakh. As a result, many individuals choose to acquire home credit personal loans since the procedure is simple and requires only limited documentation without any hassle.

Features of Home Credit Personal Loan

You may get a personal loan of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 2 lakh from the Home Credit company. A personal loan from home credit requires minimal paperwork, and this loan requires merely a bank account with proof of residence, Aadhaar card, Voter ID, PAN card, and net banking. If the Home Credit Company approves your loan, the amount will be directly disbursed to your bank account within 24 hours. No processing charge is required for home credit personal loans. When using Home Credit, a borrower can easily pay their EMIs within minutes without going through a series of phone calls and submissions.

Types of loans one can avail from Home Credit

  • Personal Loans for Homeowners

Depending on your need, home credit companies provide various types of personal loans depending on the requirement.

  • Home Credit Travel Loan

With a Travel Personal Loan, you may travel the world. With this loan amount transfer, you may use this home credit plan to go on a vacation. This loan is funded shortly after application.

  • Medical Emergency Loan

You may pay for any medical procedure with this loan, from routine to emergency.

  • Marriage Loan

If you are running short of capital while preparing for your wedding, you may get a home loan from Home Credit to cover the gap.

  • Personal Loans for small businesses

If you are someone looking to start a small business but lack funds, Home Credit offers Personal Loans for small businesses. You may use this money for a new or existing company both.

  • Home renovation loan

Any individual can use this loan to renovate or repair their existing home. So a home renovation loan helps you pay for repairs.

  • Education loan

Suppose you are a student in need of financial assistance. So Home Credit offers customized personal loans to students for educational purposes, and this loan may be returned after the course, making it a convenient choice for students.

How to get a home loan from Home Credit in India?

You may apply for a Home credit loan either online. You must fill out an application form with your personal information and can submit it online. After successful submission of the application form, you will be asked to upload your documents in either JPEG or PNG format to complete the application process, and once submitted the files are sent for verification.

If you need any kind of assistance in completing the loan application form, you may contact the home credit hotline at +91 124 662 8888, which is available during office hours all seven days of the week. Once the entire process of submission and verification is complete, the lender informs the borrower whether their loan application has been accepted or rejected.

As soon as you have received positive approval for a loan, you can travel to your local home credit center for the KYC. Finally, use the Home Credit Mobile App to e-sign the loan application. This loan amount will be disbursed to your account within 24 hours post-approval.

A home credit personal loan is the most viable solution for those who have a poor credit score or do not have a stable income. Most of the information relevant to a Home Credit loan is provided above. Home credit provides small ticket personal loans as well as Home loans to its customers. In case you would like to know more about personal loans, kindly visit Andromeda and get in touch with our client servicing team. With the given knowledge, you can apply and get yourself a Home Credit loan when necessary and have a great time in your life.