Paid Outstanding. Name Still On CIBIL Defaulters List

Do not be surprised if your loan application is rejected even after you have paid off your much due credit card outstanding balance. The bank might have called you and given you an option where you could just pay a specified sum, in return for a settlement letter. Once you do that and get the settlement letter, it doesn’t for a moment mean that the slate has been wiped clean. You apply for a personal loan or a home loan and the lender will simply let you know that it isn’t interested in lending to you because your name comes up in the Defaulters llist on the Satyam or CIBIL list.

When you go in for a settlement, banks can and will legally report you as a defaulter – to the extent of the dues foregone by them – at the credit bureau. All details concerning your default stay at the credit bureau for 7 years. You must understand that you CANNOT remove your name from this defaulter’s list. It will be removed from the list only after seven years, provided you do not default on any subsequent loans (if you manage to get it, that is).

What you COULD do is to try applying for a secured credit card – a card that is offered against your term deposits at the bank. This type of card is available at many banks. Build a good credit record with it. This will not remove your name from CIBIL defaulter list but it will improve your credibility in your credit report. This would also increase your chances of getting credit facility from various banks at decent terms in future.