Personal Loan – A Debt Trap

In the current scenario when inflation is at its peak the middle class is going to be in the soup. They need to be aware of many ways in which they have to maintain their basic standard of living, for which people fall into the trap of debt. The most common and easily available,loan,to for a cash infusion with the lowest documentation is the personal loan. All loans if not taken for a purpose that is not of need it causes pain and could lead to distress.

Let’s see how an individual lands up in a debt trap:

Mr. X belongs to a middle class family with four dependents. His father is retired person. His mom and wife are not earning members of the family. Mr. X is the only bread earner for the family. He has a daughter who just started with schooling. Due to unavoidable personal responsibilities he had to take a loan of Rs.1,00,000 at 21% for one year. The EMI was Rs.9311.37/- He was working with a private limited company where the pay is just so-so. His take-home pay is hand to mouth. After taking the loan, within the next three months he lost his job. He was unable to pay the EMI on time. He defaulted on his payments with the bank. After few months he got a job in a good MNC company and wanted to take on one more personal loan to repay the previous loan and come out of the defaulters list.

Since Mr. X already defaulted once, it would be difficult to fetch him a personal loan. To pay back the first debt he wants to go for a second personal loan. This would make him fall again in the debt trap. This time it would be difficult for him to come out of it.

Before taking a personal loan think that whether you genuinely require it or not. In case you have decided to go ahead for a personal loan do not just go with one bank and stick with their terms. A bank knows that a personal loan is more of an individual’s requirement. It is not a product which the bank needs to sell or offer it to the people. In current situations many of us are forced to perform things which we do not like, but still we have certain responsibilities to fulfill. This compel us take a personal loan to meet our current obligations or desires only. One does not even consider how much essential one’s credit-worthiness is. In future when one actually requires a personal loan it will not be easy. The bad track record would be an obstacle. It is better to find out with more banks and financial institutions with what rates they offer. Then take a call and find a best deal.

The other option is to take a secured personal loan. They have lower interest rates. The securities which lie in the lockers are of no use to us. In India we are very emotionally attached towards our possessions and we feel we can not deploy them for taking a loan. But if in case it fetches a lower rate of interest on your personal loan, then those possessions are invaluable. In India by personal we understand it is unsecured in nature. Our insurance policy, shares, investments made in National Savings Certificate, Kisan Vikas Patra etc can help you get a personal loan at a lower interest rate which other wise would be very high.

A personal loan is easy to obtain because the interest rate charged are very high. In financial markets there is nothing said as free lunch, you pay for each and every thing you want. So it is sensible to approach many banks and then go ahead with that bank which can offer you the best deal. Loan against security would be a better option. It will not give you sleepless nights.

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