Personal loan / Emergency Personal loan

Emergency Personal loan

Need quick finance? Opt for small amount personal loan

A personal loan is the ideal financial tool to meet your emergency financial situation. This loan proves beneficial when you’re in need quick need for money to fulfill financial goals such as – home renovation, family vacation, wedding expenses, business expansion, debt consolidation, and more. You can compare quotes on the aggregate sites, and apply for emergency personal loan online right from the cozy corners of your home or offices. Aggregate sites are a great platform to compare quotes in terms of interest rates, processing fee, principal amount, loan disbursal time and other charges to make an informed decision on your personal loan. You can borrow a small amount starting from Rs 50,000 and can go up to Rs 25 lakhs. The repayment tenure is between 1 to 5 years.

If you’re not a market-savvy person, let us inform you that the rate of interest is determined on the basis of the market fluctuation rate. There are many top banks and financial institutes that provide a personal loan with attractive interest rates. Since the lenders mostly offer flat interest rates; you should monitor the total interest outgo as it will affect your EMIs payout. Experts say it will be better to opt for small amount personal loan on monthly reducing balance.

Today, personal loan providers will come up with lucrative deals and offers to attract potential customers. However, you shouldn’t go for it unless you make sure the exact rate of interest lender is going to provide you, processing fee, prepayment charges, late charges, cheque delay charges, etc. Although, it seems a small amount; however if you consider the overall costs of your emergency personal loan, it can put a strain on your finances.

Before lenders sanction your small amount personal loan, they will evaluate a couple of factors such as income, your organization details, stability, credit score, and fixed monthly obligation. A certain set of salaried individuals like government employees or MNC companies are normally given a preapproved loan by the lenders.

Other than interest rates, tenure and monthly installments should also be considered on your small amount personal loan. Ideally, you should pick an affordable EMI option so that you make comfortable loan repayments. For this, you should pick a lender with comparatively more affordable interest rate.

Lenders will check your CIBIL score to decide the interest rates on your emergency personal loan. If it’s beyond 700, you would be able to get some attractive interest rate deal. A good credit score displays you’re a responsible borrower, and you’ll be able to repay your loan on time. It is a complete history of your prior debts, defaults or any remarks made by the CIBIL agency on your account. If you have a poor CIBIL score chances are your loan might get rejected.

An online small amount of personal loans are quick and convenient. The documentation process is very simple. Once you upload the documents lenders will evaluate your request, and let you know the loan status in a couple of minutes. If it’s approved, they will send an executive at your doorstep to collect a few documents and a signed copy of the contractual letter. Your loan will then be disbursed to your bank account in three to four working days.

Apply for small amount personal loans, and fulfill your financial goals, today!