What are the various types of Credit Cards offered by the ICICI ?

What are the various type of various credit card

Is having an ICICI credit card for yourself something you’ve been looking forward to? In case you are being offered a lot of possibilities, how can you choose the best ICICI credit card? There are several alternatives available to pick from and it might get overwhelming when deciding on a single one. As long as you fulfill the bank’s basic eligibility criteria for a credit card, you may easily apply for one of the ICICI bank credit cards. According to their qualities, the cards mentioned below are some of the credit cards offered by the ICICI.

  • ICICI Bank Rubyx credit card

One of the most significant cards for avid travelers is the ICICI Bank Rubyx credit card, with an annual fee of Rs. 2,000. However, this credit card comes with a slew of additional perks, including earning rewards points for purchases and is an excellent choice for frequent travelers. Golf privileges, lounge access, insurance coverage, and cinema benefits are included with this credit card. As a bonus, this card offers you access to airport lounges, so it’s worth getting.

  • ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Card

Milestone rewards, payback points, eatery savings, movie advantages, and a special convenience charge waiver are included in this package. You should obtain this card if you seek a generic credit card and can spend at least Rs. 1.5 Lakh in a year on it. If you want to know about additional details, you can visit any of the online marketplaces and check out the details of this card.

  • ICICI Platinum Chip credit card

This is your card if you’re searching for a credit card that does the bare minimum and won’t charge you an annual fee. Choosing a credit card like this offers excellent reward points, meal discounts, and a waiver of fuel surcharges that may significantly impact your wallet. This credit card is also a great way to pay for petrol in the future, since it may earn you a lot of cash-backs and surcharge waivers.

  • ICICI Bank Emeralde credit card

Movie offers, golf lessons, airport lounge access, concierge services, reduced cancellation costs, fuel price waiver, dining deals, and insurance advantages are all included within the Emeralde credit card from ICICI Bank. Cash withdrawals, late payments, and exchange markup costs are all subject to a surcharge. As a result of its various perks, this is the ideal credit card for those who want to reap the rewards of using one. But if you are an ICICI Bank private global customer who travels a lot and wants to take advantage of this card’s perks, you should obtain this card.

  • ICICI Bank HPCL credit card

This is the ICICI bank credit card for you if you want to earn unique benefits every time you fill up your car. Over and beyond its core function, it gives unlimited reward points, gasoline redemption incentives, cashback offers, and movie and eating deals. Consider acquiring this card if you spend a lot on petrol each month and like to refill at Hindustan Petroleum stations. Another essential characteristic of this card is its low annual fee, which may make owning a credit card and paying for it much more manageable.

  • ICICI Bank Visa Signature credit card

This is the card to consider if you want a credit card that meets several demands. This card is a treasure trove of hand-picked advantages that you will find highly useful throughout your time with it. All of them have excellent benefits for you if you match the qualifications. If you need these services, this card is ideal. Many consumers like it since they anticipate being compensated for their purchases.

These are some of the ICICI credit cards to consider. These credit cards are among the best-rated and evaluated in each area, making them ideal. Each card comes with a unique set of rewards and welcome incentives designed to enhance your experience. Get in contact with the ICICI credit card customer care to know the additional details regarding each card. To know about other vital details regarding various cards, you can visit Andromeda and read about cards offered by various service providers.