Why opt for Indiabulls Home Loan to avail Maximum Benefits ?

Why i opt for indiabulls

There are several financial organizations from which you may receive a home loan, some of which can provide you with various benefits, while others might put you in a position where you can’t get out of debt. However, the Indiabulls home loan is one of the most advantageous home loans among the entire league of home loan lenders. This house loan has various advantages, and we’ve listed them all here for your convenience.

What is Indiabulls, and what does it do?

Since 2005, Indiabulls Housing Finance has provided home loans as the country’s second-largest housing finance company. Indian customers have relied on its financial services for many years. Owning one’s own house is a lifelong dream shared by many. With the support of Indiabulls Housing Finance, we are doing all we can to make this vision a reality. Home loans should be simple, quick, and hassle-free. That’s always been Indiabulls’ mission. A seamless online and offline loan application process is what sets them apart from other lenders.

What benefits does Indiabulls Home Loan offers?

  • Lowest rate of interest on offer
  • Minimal documentation and the process is simple
  • Expedited loan approval and disbursement process
  • Intuitive monthly payment and prepayment options
  • Balance transfer possible with a lower ROI
  • Pre-approved home loans for existing customers
  • Safe document storage is also provided for properties that are still being built as part of the loan terms
  • No pre-payment or foreclosure fees
  • Approval for a home loan before the purchase of property
  • Acquisition, construction, repair, renewal, or rebuilding of a property allowed

Prominent features of Indiabulls Home Loan:

  • Clients of Indiabulls have access to a broader horizon of customized home loan packages
  • There are around 4 million residences to select from using the IB (Indiabulls) HomeFinder
  • Home loan funding is now more accessible to the regular individual because of low-interest rates
  • Home loans in India may have repayment tenure of max. 30 years, making them more affordable for most citizens
  • There would be no prepayment penalty for the advantage of the borrower
  • A joint application for a home loan is not required. Co-applicants will be required for all potential property owners, and Co-ownership is not a requirement for co-applicants

What are the advantages of a home loan?

Tax benefits are available for mortgage interest payments:

The main advantage is the Indiabulls’ home loan tax benefit and is one of the most critical aspects of the availing a loan. You may save up to Rs. 2 Lakh in interest paid on your property loan under Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act. In cases when you did not pay interest in the current financial year but paid the prior year’s interest amount in excess, you may claim yearly tax deductions. Only properties completed within five years of purchase are eligible for Rs. 2 Lakh in tax benefits. If the deadline for completion is not met, the tax benefit is reduced to Rs. 30,000 for each financial year.

The First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit (HTC)

First-time homeowners can take advantage of an additional Rs. 50,000 in tax benefits via an Indiabulls home loan and the tax exemptions offered under section 80C of the Income Tax Act as long as the loan is still outstanding. As a first-time homebuyer, Section 80EE may help you save money in taxes. However, to use this exemption, you must complete a few requirements. The equity in the property should not exceed Rs. 50 Lakh. The maximum amount you may borrow via a property loan is Rs. 35 Lakh or more.

These are the most notable advantages of an Indiabulls home loan. Everyone wants a tax break on their home loan, and you should take advantage of the home loan tax benefit as well since it’s something everyone else is looking for. If you looking for a home loan, kindly visit Andromeda and get in touch with our customer service team.