How to Become a Loan Agent?

A Loan Agent is responsible for helping consumers secure a loan whenever in need. He or she helps you connect with a lender, takes care of the primary process and manages the vital aspects of money lending. They also collect the documents and verify them to ensure authenticity.

Loan agents are also referred to as Direct Selling Agents or DSA’s. Their main purpose is to help connect individuals looking for funds with loan providers and assist them throughout the process. They are also responsible for carrying out the fundamental checks for ensuring that the individuals seeking the loan comply with the guidelines. This ends up benefiting all the parties involved in the entire process.

Eligibility Criterion to become Loan DSA

There is no academic qualification needed to become a bank loan agent. Even a business owner or a working professional can take up the role and work in their spare time. The most important of all is to have a liking towards the work profile. If you are willing to extend a helping hand to those looking for funds, then this role is certainly cut out for you.

Benefits availed by a bank DSA –

  • Be your own business
  • Earn impression payout as a commission
  • Get to be a part of high profile finance industry
  • Can work during flexible hours
  • Slab-wise incentives offered
  • Freedom to develop professional contacts
  • Doesn’t require you to invest anything
  • Work as a DSA while pursuing your business or job at the same time

Role of a Bank Loan Agent 

Several banks and fintech companies appoint Loan DSA’s by letting them work at their own pace and for flexible hours. Bank DSA’s are entrepreneurs who have complete control over their work schedules. They need to establish contacts and bring loan leads to the banks. The complete profile of Loan agents involves usually selling mutual funds, home loans, personal loans, business loans, and other loan services.

Collecting the necessary documents and doing primary checks is also a prime responsibility of any DSA. They need to adhere to a prescribed format when it comes to submitting a loan application. Then, they forward the request to the bank or NBFC that they are associated with. Loan DSA officers are also responsible for providing necessary assistance to the area bank branch or office as well as to the applicant until a loan application procedure is complete. This makes the entire process much speedier and saves a lot of time for the bank.

A handbook is provided or a training program is held by the bank/financial institution for which you are applying as a Loan DSA. You will be made aware of the process and the documents needed for each loan type offered by the bank that you are dealing with. You will master these steps in no time and will start making a commission from the loan applications that you forward to the bank branch you are associated with.

Benefits to the borrower for relying on a Loan DSA

A borrower can reap numerous benefits by relying on a loan agent or a DSA. There is no need to rush to crowded banks. An agent would help a borrower in making the right choice by presenting all possible options. Moreover, agents can quickly address any concerns or issues on the loan application procedure. They are available whenever required as opposed to bank managers who have a hectic schedule. This is the reason why people prefer relying on a DSA or a bank loan agent for their needs.

How to become a Bank Loan Agent?

People these days are tired of their hectic work schedules and chaotic lifestyles, and many prefer to start something of their own. However, not everybody dares to do so. Only a few get over their fear of quitting the mundane 9 to 5 job and do something that they have complete control over. If you have the eagerness to help individuals in need and have a strong affinity towards being associated with the finance industry, then becoming a bank loan agent will be the most suitable option for you.

You must now be wondering what it takes to be a bank DSA.

Can a fresher be eligible for the role?

Is prior experience a pre-requisite for becoming a DSA?

Is there any fee or security deposit to be paid to procure a license?

Is manpower or office space a must? 


Here is the process for registering as a loans agent.

Loan Agent registration process

There is a dedicated process for each bank for becoming a direct sales agent. You need to first register to apply for the role. Every financial institution has its own registration process; however, the process is quite common.

  1. Fill the Loan DSA form, which is usually available on the bank website, and submit an application to the bank or a financial firm. If the DSA form isn’t available online, visit the branch office.
  2. You will be contacted by the concerned department and asked to submit a set of documents
  3. Once the documents are verified, your credit history would be checked by a legal team
  4. If things go well, then you may be called for an interview
  5. You can then sign an agreement with the bank/NBFC to make things official
  6. A DSA code or a license is issued to a loan agent
  7. You can start submitting applications as per the format provided by the bank you are dealing with.

In Summary

Becoming a bank loan agent offers you the financial freedom you are looking for. You can also serve as an agent without quitting your existing work. The job also gives you the satisfaction of helping people who need loans and thus build up your networking potential.

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