Corporate DSA Franchise – A Business Opportunity for Tax Consultants in Andromeda Loans

Can tax consultants in India have side hustles? In an economy with high inflation, a side hustle becomes indispensable. Business opportunities for tax consultants in India are limited. But you can make the most of it – if you know where to look.


A DSA Partner or direct selling agent is in a unique position. They become the touchpoint between lenders like NBFCs and prospective loan applicants. They break through the clutter and help lending institutions find the right clients. As a tax consultant, you are also in a unique position. As you are privy to the financial decisions of your clients, it gives you a fresh perspective and helps you become a better DSA.


Let’s understand why being a DSA Partner or loan agent with Andromeda Loans might be the perfect opportunity for tax consultants.


What do tax consultants do?

Tax consultants are in an advisory role. They help people optimize their taxes in both the short and long term. A tax consultant has expertise and understanding of tax law, compliance, and tax planning. It allows them to guide their clients and save them from tax liabilities.  


In India, tax consultants help people plan their taxes better. It is not the same as being a Chartered Accountant. However, a CA can also act as a tax consultant for businesses and individuals in India.


What does a DSA do?

Simply put, a DSA connects borrowers with lending institutions. It is not always possible for lenders to market to the right client. A DSA or loan agent makes this possible by networking with potential loan applicants. 


DSAs may also conduct preliminary checks and verify loan candidates. As a DSA, you make the loan application process hassle-free for all parties. It is the perfect side hustle for tax consultants in India because of its flexibility.


Why do tax consultants make for great loan agents?

Consider this: a client hopes to buy a home in the future. As a tax consultant working with lenders, you can direct them to the right home loan offer. You can also reduce their tax liabilities, as per the Income Tax Act of India.


A tax consultant helps optimize their client’s taxation planning. It gives you foresight about your client’s future financial prospects. From a lender’s perspective, this is important because lenders need to verify the financial background of loan applicants. You have an edge over other DSA candidates because of this perspective.


As a loan agent, you also meet with clients in your niche. You can tap into the existing user base of the lender and network with diverse businesses and individuals. There is no cap on the income you earn as a direct selling agent. Moreover, it requires no extra qualifications!


Additionally, a DSA role gives you flexibility with work timings. You can also explore remote and hybrid work opportunities as a direct selling agent. It gives you more control over your schedule as a tax consultant. 


Why choose Andromeda Loans for business opportunities?

Here’s how registering as a DSA or loan agent with Andromeda Loans can help you as a tax consultant:


Best networking opportunities – You get access to pan-Indian clients with Andromeda Loans. It is the largest loan distributor in India. You can work with diverse clients: small business vendors, clients from tier-1 and tier-2 cities, etc.


No age bar – There is no age bar for DSA Partners. You can register early or late. Even senior citizens who have worked as tax consultants may register as a DSA with Andromeda.


Flexible timing – One of the biggest problems with finding a side hustle for tax consultants is the timing. As a DSA, you have a flexible schedule. You can also find remote DSA business opportunities with Andromeda!


No income cap – The sky is the limit when it comes to earning as a DSA. As a tax consultant, you can easily set it up as a second source of income or a safety net. 


How to register as DSA with Andromeda Loans?

Follow these simple steps to register as a DSA with Andromeda Loans:


  • Visit the official website of Andromeda Loans. It has a separate “Become our partner” option. You can directly apply by filling up the online DSA registration form. You will hear back from us within 24-48 working hours post your application. 
  • The DSA registration asks for KYC – address and identification proof – once you understand the role and agree to the terms as explained by us.
  • While you don’t need a degree for a DSA position, it helps to have negotiation and communication skills. You sign the DSA registration agreement, provided you have the skills.


Tip – In your interview, mention your qualifications as a tax consultant and how it makes you the perfect DSA candidate!



Is finding a side hustle tough for tax consultants in India? The short answer is yes since they already have 9 to 5 jobs. As a direct selling agent with Andromeda Loans, you have some control over the timings. Whether you want to save for retirement or have an extra source of income, you can work from home as a loan agent.


If you have the skills to make customized sales pitches, becoming a loan agent is the perfect business opportunity for tax consultants. Talk to an expert today and sign up as a DSA Partner with Andromeda Loans!