Corporate DSA Franchise- Business Opportunities for Ex-Bankers at Andromeda Loans

A corporate DSA franchise is a business model where a company authorizes direct-selling agents to sell their products or services on their behalf. In such a setup, the company provides the marketing tool, products, and infrastructure, while the DSA agents are responsible for promoting their company’s products, finding new clients, and facilitating a healthy communication channel between the company and its customers. The DSA Franchise typically earns on a commission basis, which can vary depending on the company, product, and sales volume. 


We, at Andromeda Loans, are always on the lookout to hire DSA franchise to promote their products. We partner with DSA partners to tap into the pulse of our target audience and offer them the best hands-on services. Ex-bankers can try working as DSA agents in our firm. Since we offer financial products and they have a deeper understanding of the finance industry, they may very well thrive as an Andromeda loan agent. 


Who can work as Andromeda loan agents?

Both salaried and non-salaried individuals are welcome to apply for the role of a DSA agent at Andromeda Loans. You must be an Indian citizen and above 18 years of age to work as a loan agent anywhere in the country. Although not a mandatory requirement, you must have excellent credit scores to work as an Andromeda loan agent. If you do not have a good record of paying back debts, most lenders may not trust you to offer financial advice to others. Anyone who is juggling multiple personal commitments and is looking for flexible working hours can apply for the role of an Andromeda loan agent. 


Why should ex-bankers consider working as Andromeda DSA agents?

Ex-bankers may consider working as Andromeda loan agents due to the following reasons.


  • Earning potential: DSA agents earn commission on every product they sell. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn in a month. It is quite likely that with your previous banking experience, you already have a network of experienced finance professionals and chartered accounts. You can leverage this audience when starting as a DSA agent. Your financial expertise also gives you an edge. You will find it easier to simplify the complex jargon and help clients make sound financial decisions. 

  • Knowledge and skills: You can leverage your experience in the banking industry to thrive as a DSA agent. Your banking experience provides you with a strong foundation in customer relationship management and financial analysis, which can be valuable when working as a DSA partner. You may find it easier to learn about your lender’s products and deal with customer queries. You can leverage your financial expertise to help customers make informed decisions as well as guide your lenders to set the correct product pricing. 

  • Entrepreneurship opportunity: If you worked in banking, it is quite likely that you lived a structured life with fixed working hours. Working as a DSA partner allows you to have more freedom in making decisions. You have to come up with marketing ideas to win over clients. It is up to you to decide how you will present your products in front of your target audience. As a DSA agent, your monthly earnings depend on how many products you sell in a month. You can build your brand, set targets, and have more control over your income and career direction. 

  • Flexibility: As an Andromeda DSA agent, you have the freedom to decide your working hours. There is no mandatory requirement that you have to report to the physical branch of the lending firm every day. After a stint in banking, you may want to experience more flexibility in terms of work-life balance, location, and working hours. 

  • Career growth: Being a reputed lending firm, Andromeda Loans is often invited to product launches, industry events, and trade shows. You can use those opportunities to meet new people, connect to like-minded individuals, promote Andromeda’s products, and gain exposure to different kinds of industries and products. We are also committed to helping our DSA or loan agent reach their full potential and develop marketable skills. You can also take advantage of our many workshops, programs, and activities to upskill. 


Business opportunities for ex-bankers at Andromeda Loans

As an ex-banker, you can explore any of the below business opportunities in Andromeda Loans. We have a wide range of products that you can offer to your clients. 


  • Loan and credit card sales: Andromeda Loans is known for their cutting-edge technology and high-quality products, aimed to help customers achieve their financial goals. With a prior stint in banking, you can use your analytical skills and financial expertise to recommend the best loan products to your customers. Not only can you help them make effective purchases, but you can also educate potential customers about best money management practices. 

  • Insurance sales: With your stint in banking, you may find it easier to understand the different types of insurance policies, their benefits, target audience, and unique selling points. You can hook your potential buyers and offer them customized advice on which insurance to invest in to alleviate their financial concerns. 

  • Real estate sales: DSA agents, who specialize in selling properties require excellent analytical skills. You must have an idea about market trends to offer buying advice to potential customers about the financial aspects of investing in a commercial or residential property. You have to evaluate their income and assets to check if they have the repayment capacity to pay off the monthly settlements. 

  • Personal finance consulting: As an ex-banker, you may specialize in personal finance consulting in Andromeda Loans. Your previous banking experience will come in handy to understand the needs of your clients. Then, you can offer appropriate advice to help them achieve their financial objectives. 


To conclude

Working as an Andromeda loan agent is one of the best alternative careers for an ex-banker. With an intensive knowledge of how the finance industry works, ex-bankers would make excellent DSAs. If you worked as an ex-banker, it is also quite likely that you have experience in handling customers, helping them through their loan applications, and answering their queries. 


Andromeda Loans offer super quick loan disbursals with minimal paperwork. They are also known for its wide collection of loan products. If you work as an Andromeda loan agent, you can also enjoy its other perks like flexible working hours, excellent networking opportunities, and generous stipends.