How to become a loan agent in India?

The job of a loan agent in India is to assist the customers in acquiring a loan whenever they need one. They help you communicate with the lender, tackle the initial processes, and check the essential components of a money loan. A loan agent in India also gathers and verifies the required documents to ensure their legitimacy.

DSA, also known as Direct Selling Agents, is the other name given to these loan agents. The principal purpose of these people is to link the customers with the loan lenders whenever required and help them through the entire process. They also perform mandatory checks for the customers before they apply for the loan and that the customers follow all the rules.

Eligibility norm:

Several criteria must be followed before becoming a DSA partner in India. They are listed below:

  • People do not require any degree in finance or banking to work as a DSA partner in India

  • Anyone, either salaried or non-salaried, can apply for the job of a loan agent

  • You must possess a basic knowledge about the subject

  • The person must be above 18 years of age

  • You must have a citizenship of India

  • You must have a high CIBIL score and a positive credit history

What is the role of a DSA loan agent in India?

Several Fin-tech firms and banks hire direct selling agents for loans who work at their speed for multiple hours. Bank loan agents are people with complete control over their working time. However, their primary job is to make successful contacts and deliver loan leads to the financial firms. A loan agent in India generally sells mutual funds, home loans, personal loans, business loans, and other required loans as a component of their overall profile.

The primary and one of the most significant tasks of all the DSAs is to collect the required documents from the customers and check if they are correct or not. While applying for the loan, they must follow accurate procedures. The loan agents are also in charge of assisting the local banks and finance firms until the loan process is completed. It speeds up the whole system and saves a lot of time on behalf of the bank.


Without any prior experience in this sector, you can become a successful lending agent. You can work on your own time and working hours based on your choice. All you have to do is help the customers apply for a loan, from filing the initial documents to completing other required documentation. If you are not confident about working for yourself, you can also work for any financial services firm, loan mortgage company or in the banking sector. Your job is to assist the clients in locating funds as a DSA loan agent.

Moreover, you will not require any type of license if you choose to work as a DSA. Although, some companies in India require the loan agent to be a finance professional by education. These are the not mandatory becoming a direct selling agent but are considered more effective over others. Your job role will be way different from that of a salesperson.

Advantages of becoming a loan agent in India

There are multiple advantages to becoming a DSA agent in India:

  • A person doesn’t need to work previously as a DSA loan representative or hold any college diploma degree. They might have an educational background

  • The profession is less demanding. Therefore, you can work as a loan agent whenever you want

  • Students enrolled in colleges can also work as DSA loan agents

  • Each loan sanctioned against your referral code will help you earn a commission. The amount of commission will also increase with the increase in the loan amount.

Final words

To summarize, both banks, financial sectors and even the customers benefit from a DSA partner in India. You must have the essential knowledge about finance and your skill of persuading people with quality efficiency and interpersonal skills. There is not much requirement for any specialized degree to become a loan agent in India, and every person from any field can apply for the job. The agents can also work on their suitable time hours. However, the loan agents greatly benefit the customers in filling up the documents and applying for the required loan.