What are DSA Loan Agents and what are their Roles?

DSA loan agents are the working individuals trained to generate tons of leads for loans. They get the necessary training to bring borrowers to banks and financial institutes. The more the leads they get, the more money they can make. They are equipped with the skills to generate as many leads as possible.

Almost all banks and financial institutes have the same rules and regulations for a DSA. However, when you wish to apply for a DSA role with any company or start your own dsa loan agency, you should go through their specific DSA agreement containing all the applicable terms and conditions. Let us explore more about this job role in detail.

What is the role of a DSA agent?

DSAs connect people seeking a loan to lenders. They take care of the entire documentation process for the loan application, do fundamental checks, and ensure that the submitted documents are as per the guidelines. The following are the job roles of a person working as a DSA:

  1. Calling a prospective customer

The main task of a DSA is to call prospects and connect them to lenders. You have to call a potential customer only when they have expressed their desire to apply for a bank’s product on the website, branch, or the center. Some other person or your relationship manager may also refer you to a client you have to contact. Therefore, only a prospect who has given acceptance to receive calls for loan products will get a call from a DSA. The DSA will not contact a prospective customer who has denied the offerings for the next three months. 

  1. Contacting hours

Contact a potential customer only during working hours. if you own a DSA loan agency, do ensure that the client does not feel inconvenienced to receive your call. So, call at a suitable time. 

  1. Maintain the privacy of the potential customer

Maintaining the privacy of potential customers should be a priority for a DSA. Never discuss their interest with anybody else. If, however, the prospect has authorized any other family member like a spouse, accountant, CA, or secretary to intervene, then only you can contact the other individual. 

  1. Transparency

Being transparent with your client is very important. You should not misguide the customer about any product or service of the bank. Do not make any false promises or fake claims on behalf of the financial institution that you cannot fulfill later on. Also, do not represent the customer falsely in front of the bank. 

If you call the prospect and they are not available, drafting a message for them is fine. Write in the message to contact the bank. If you exhibit such behavior, then the customers and the bank will get impressed, and it will help you get more clients in the future. Your current customers may recommend you to other people as well.

  1. Contacts precautions 

A DSA should respect every individual’s personal space. If the prospect does not wish, do not enter their office or residence. Group visits are a strict no as they might not feel comfortable talking. Maintain a professional distance with the clients and respect their privacy. 

  1. Take care of the documentation.

When the customer has finally agreed to buy a product or service from your bank or financial institute, get the documents ready. It is your responsibility as a DSA to get all the paperwork done. Collect documents from the customer according to the bank rules and submit them to the concerned authority. Everything has to be done by you till the loan gets sanctioned and the client gets money in their bank account. 

  1. Other communication

Follow the prescribed method for business-related communications. You will be taught all this in the training that you will receive. Follow all the advice that you receive strictly. 

What are the eligibility criteria to become a DSA?

If you are a citizen of India over 18 years of age, you can join an agency as a DSA loan partner. The basic criteria of all banks and lending institutes are the same with some minor differences. You have to fill out an application form on the official website, upload documents, and wait for approval. Once you receive a referral code, you can begin your work as a DSA agent

The bank or lending institute will also provide you with training. You will have the skills to generate leads and hence earn more. Anyone, a working individual, a self-employed person, or a housewife can work as a DSA. There is no special degree or education that you need to apply for.


The primary roles of a DSA are to connect borrowers with lenders, check the background of potential clients, collect and verify documents from clients, and repeat this process. If you wish to become a part of India’s largest DSA or start your own DSA loan agency,  kindly visit Andromeda and submit your details.