How much Commission does DSA get from Banks?

A Direct Selling Agent [DSA] or a Loan Agent serves as a bridge between a loan applicant and a financial institution. They are responsible for marketing different types of loans, available from a particular bank to interested customers, apart from collecting and verifying the documents before submitting them to the bank. They help financial firms in meeting their sales goals. In return, a DSA commission is offered to them for every successful loan disbursal that takes place. According to some estimates, the average annual salary of a DSA in 2023 is ₹ 2,50,000 but it can vary greatly.

DSA Commission Prerequisites

What’s important to realize is that the DSA payouts are not the same for every loan agent. It actually depends on the kind of loans that a DSA is successful in selling and the commission rates set up by the various banks. This is purely a self-driven profession and the earnings you can earn are entirely dependent on your involvement. Thus your ability to process loans for consumers depends on your skillset.
Loan agents are responsible for facilitating the loan application process of individuals. They sell a wide variety of loans including personal loans, business loans, lines of credit, mortgage loans, and more. Thus, the DSA payouts offered on each of these loans also vary. If you have a friendly attitude and are good at convincing people, then you can definitely earn big in this profession. The reason why people prefer relying on DSA for loan processing is to save time and avoid banking procedures that are time-intensive.
Also, personal interaction with clients infuses a sense of confidence in the deal. You don’t require a degree to become a loan agent. However, a bachelor’s degree and good communication skills are desirable for the position. If you have an inclination towards sales and finance, then this job is cut out just for you. Working professionals can also apply for this role. The job is quite flexible and you are paid for the deals you manage to materialize.
Training is often offered to loan agents by the banks/financial firms they are associated with. You will be provided a module once you successfully complete an application process and procure a license. You speak to the clients and also help them understand the loan procedure and verify the documents. As soon as you submit an application and if it is approved, then you are offered a hefty DSA commission based on the loan amount that you have managed to sell to a customer. The higher the loan amount sought, the more a loan agent makes in the form of commission.

What are the DSA Payouts offered?

The DSA payout is paid on a percentage basis, calculated on the loan amount and the value varies from one bank to another. The rates mentioned here are indicative. You will learn the exact commission rates once you start working with a bank.
DSA payout for Business & Personal loan
The DSA commission offered on a business or a personal loan is based on the leads provided by a loan agent that gets translated into an actual deal. On average, a DSA payout rate ranges from 1-2%, depending on the loan amount sought.
About 90% of the commission amount is generally paid after the first disbursement of the loan amount. A loan is considered to be disbursed when the first disbursement is made to an individual after a successful loan application.
DSA commission for Loan Against Property
Loan agents can make a generous amount as commission for selling loans against property to an individual. The DSA payout offered can be 0.30-0.50% of the loan deal.

DSA payout for Gold & Car loan

Loan agents can make a commission by selling car and gold loans if the financial institution they are working with offers these products. This commission ranges from – 0.20-0.30%.

DSA payout for Home loan

Home loans are the most sought over loans today. A loan agent or a DSA can make huge profits by selling home loans. Currently, most banks offer 0.20-0.25% as payout for loans that have been sanctioned. Also, if a top-up loan is sanctioned over a home loan, then a commission would be offered over that as well. The DSA commission provided includes incidental and traveling expenses incurred by a loan agent in association with the loan proposal. No other charges are borne by the bank or the financial firm that a loan agent is representing.

The bank also pays the GST in addition to the commission payable. The payout is subjected to compliance with income tax guidelines. Private Banks offer more commission in comparison to public sector banks in India. For instance, DHL offers a commission of 0.40% to loan agents for selling home loans. The payout offered varies from one bank to another. Some banks offer more DSA payouts based on the volume of business done on a monthly basis by a loan agent.

To Summarize

If you want to make extra money or just love the thought of working independently at flexible hours, then becoming a loan agent can be a great option. The DSA commission offered to a loan agent is quite lucrative if you manage to sell high-value loans to individuals. The job profile isn’t complicated and you can make decent money by selling loan products offered by a financial institution to customers.
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